Castrol Activ Scooter Promotes Zip Factor, A New Measure For T20 Player Performance

FMCG brand, Castrol Activ Scooter introduced the Zip Factor, a new formula to measure T20 player stats, through a series of engaging social media activities for the ICC World Twenty20

Castrol - Zip Factor

Castrol - Zip Factor

A cricket season never fails to fuel consumer engagement in India. While the ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2014 matches have been entertaining cricket enthusiasts in the country, Castrol, a sponsor  of the cricketing event, has come up with a new stats to measure a player’s impact on a T20 game called the ‘Zip Factor’. Believing the format of T20 cricket to be a zippy one, the engine oil brand has announced zip factor as a combination of a cricketer’s basic performance parameters – batting, bowling and fielding.

Cricket fans have been invited to participate in the Zip Factor quiz and predict the Zip Factor Player of the match for every game. In addition to winning daily prizes of Moto G, there is a grand prize of a gearless scooter at the end of the matches for the participant with the highest zip factor score. With design and execution by digital agency, Ignitee, Castrol launched a series of social media activities around the Zip Factor.

In search of the zip factor

The quest for zip factor begins when former cricketer Rahul Dravid challenges cricket commentator and stats expert, Harsha Bhogle to come up with a formula for measuring true performance in T20 matches. Harsha is left stumped after being unable to provide right answers to Rahul’s quizzing, as a result of which Harsha takes up the challenge to find a new stats. Here’s the initial teaser video with which Castrol invited viewers to be a part of the challenge.

This was followed by another video wherein Harsha explains the new way of measuring performance using Zip Factor, after having cracked Rahul’s challenge with the help of Castrol and cricket enthusiasts from Facebook and Twitter.

The Zip Factor game is hosted as an app on Castrol Cricket’s Facebook page. One has to score points through the zip factor quiz and the zip factor player predictor.


One has to nominate a player for the Zip Factor Player Predictor on each match day depending on who they believe will get the highest Zip Factor score on a given match day. Nominations can be done only once before the start of the 2nd innings of the match. Correct predictions will increase the Zip Factor Score of the participant. The player who scores maximum Zip Factor points in the day is selected as the Zip Factor Player of the Match.

Participants earn points for each activity as well as for every friend invited on Facebook who also participates through the app.

Apart from the engaging contests, the app provides complete information on Zip Factor and the zippiest players on the field. One of the sections is dedicated to information on the product.

The Facebook and Twitter pages of Castrol have been actively engaging the community with the new player measurement stats. Beginning with asking Twitter users for inputs to crack the formula, the campaign has been using #T20Formula hashtag to converse with cricket fans and introduce the Zip Factor.

The Zip Factor is being shared for the players as the matches go on, along with announcing the winning fans’ names. This is a visual sharing New Zealand captain’s zip factor score as he is crowned Zip Factor Player of the Match for the Netherlands vs. New Zealand game.

Post by Castrol Cricket.

Zippy promotions for a scooter engine oil

Castrol has always been engaging its community through social media platforms. For a specialist engine oil meant for gearless scooters, the Castrol Zip Factor helps promote the product, as well as create a meaningful conversation with its cricket loving fan base. Enabling the community to contribute with their ideas for a truer measurement stats for T20 cricketers, before introducing the new zippy formula, as its being referred to, is a good use of leveraging its social capital.

The concept of the zip factor contest ensures fans are continuously engaged via social media. While the Twenty20 matches are on, cricket fans can also play and win. Moreover, the app is a well designed, extensive and neat one, which will help build a long term association for a brand endorsing cricket.

Castrol Activ Scooter has managed a clever engagement campaign around Zip Factor. Do you like the new stats?