Carlsberg India Gives Once In a Lifetime Chance To Liverpool FC Fans

Carlsberg India is giving one fan a trip to England to watch a Liverpool FC game through a Facebook contest where fans have to record a similar cheer like the Carlsberg one

Watching a live Premier League football game from the stands of Anfield would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a Liverpool FC supporter. Wouldn’t it? Hell yes if you love the pace and the madness of the game. So if you are from a similar tribe then worry not, Carlsberg India is all set to fulfill your dream. Carlsberg India has launched a Facebook contest that is going to give one lucky fan a paid trip to England to feel the excitement of a premier league Liverpool FC game.

Carlsberg Cheer Contest

The Facebook page that has more than 6K fans has built an exclusive Facebook app – Carlsberg Cheers. The brand wants you to listen to a pre-recorded Carlsberg Cheer and then record a similar cheer with the help of the Facebook app. The submitted cheer would be judged by the brand and one lucky winner would fly to England to watch the match.


Once you have liked the page, the app pops at your end with two tabs – 1) Gallery and 2) Upload Your Cheer. As the word goes, Gallery is a tab that showcases all the cheers from the fans. The Upload tab gives you the option to listen to the pre-recorded cheer and then allows you to record your cheers. Once you are happy with your performance you can submit your cheer and expect to be the best one. In addition to this, make sure that you read the lengthy and descriptive T&C which would tell you the selection and further process in detail.

How cool is the Facebook app?

The app is a simple one and is easy for a user to operate it. However, the mystery of “Cheer Code” is not explained anywhere. It would have been great if the app creators could have specified what a Cheer Code really is.

Contests like these where user participation is required leads to a lot of spam. For example I have checked some of the videos including mine which were nowhere close to the Carlsberg cheer but were accepted nonetheless.  It would have been great if the videos were moderated before going up into the gallery. Spam videos kill the beauty of such a contest and could turn off fans too.

How cool is the Carlsberg Cheer campaign?

The page definitely has created some buzz around the contest by posting some interesting updates and running Facebook ads with regards to the contest. The updates that have focused on the contest and the English premier club are good but lack the madness of the game on Facebook. Additionally, I am surprised why Carlsberg India has not ventured into Twitter. The medium could have helped to spread the word about the contest.

Heineken India is also running a similar campaign where it is hunting for a Social Reporter who would not only enjoy the game from Wembley stadium in London but also report about the experience and the game live from the UEFA Champions Finals 2013.  With an amazing presence on Facebook and Twitter, the brand has created enough buzz about the contest and with Twitter influencers jumping into it, the contest has become really popular.

Nevertheless, Carlsberg India can still fill up the missing gaps. And if you are a Liverpool fan then make sure you have submitted your entries by May 19th, 2013. Good Luck!

Good luck guys and go cheer. Who knows you could be the lucky one flying to the country of Queen!