Caprese Follow To Win Contest On Pinterest

An article on the Caprese 'Follow to win' contest on Pinterest

Italian brand, Caprese handbags has started a contest on Pinterest in a bid to increase its follower count. One lucky winner will get a handbag when the brand reaches 1000 followers.

The SocialBakers June report of the top Indian brands on Facebook has some new faces in the list and one of them is Caprese, the Italian bag makers. Caprese led the list of top 10 brands by average engagement rate, beating some well-known brands that cater to a similar demographic in India like L’oreal Paris India, Avon India, Garnier Light India and Sensational Maybelline.

I decided to explore the Facebook page and was delighted to see a Pinterest contest being launched. The Pinterest boards can be accessed through Facebook itself with the help of an app. And all you have to do is follow the Caprese Pinterest page.  One lucky winner stands a chance to win a cool Caprese handbag and which one will that be? Well, that could be anybody once the follower count reaches a 1000!

Caprese has 19 boards with very interesting pins relating to bags, shoes, dresses, accessories, etc. You can pin them on your Pinterest page or like it on Facebook. But on the Pinterest, you can like, re-pin or comment and you never know which of these actions can get you the bag!

Why a Pinterest contest?

Having joined Facebook just a few months back and getting to the top for a good engagement score last month itself is an encouraging move by Caprese, though the about section has no details yet. Building a community of 17K fans on Facebook and then getting them to follow you on Pinterest is a smart move especially when visual appeal plays a big role in selling your products. Caprese has 55 followers on Pinterest at present.

Some time back, Pepe Jeans had hosted the “Pin it to Win it” contest on Pinterest. A board was created with the same name containing 9 pins. Participants were invited to follow and re-pin whatever they liked.

The only problem with these kind of Pinterest contests is that they don’t help in building a long term community. However, considering the fact that in India very few users are using Pinterest (percentage of users is still vague), these kind of contests make sense. The brand is making deliberate efforts to increase its fan following on Pinterest and these contests will help the brand to achieve sizeable numbers. Numbers are an important aspect for engagement.

Additionally, would love if the brand engages with fans going further more creatively. May be the brand could ask its followers to create curated boards and the one that gets more appreciation gets goodies by the brand. Or followers on Pinterest could be encouraged to discover their favourites from Caprese and pin them on their boards.

Are you impressed by the Caprese Follow to win on Pinterest contest? Do let us know your thoughts.