Canon India ‘What Makes Us Click’ Facebook Contest Clicks!

A review of the Canon India ‘What Makes Us Click’ Facebook Contest

Clicking pictures has become almost habitual. Anything we come across needs to be clicked – like now and be it something weird or wacky, you want to share it with the world at once. Cashing in on this emotion is Canon India with it’s ‘What makes us click’ Facebook contest, that I saw on a Facebook ad yesterday. I couldn’t resist the temptation to click on it.

When you click on the ad, you are directly led to the ‘What makes us click’ contest app. The app is bright and cheerful, with all the required information displayed neatly. You need to start by watching the ‘What makes us click’ TVC starring Anushka and others, if you haven’t seen it on TV already and then click on ‘Start’ button. It’s a fun game of guessing but the clues (alphabets) are very apparent if you watch the TVC closely. And there’s a brand new Canon Powershot digital camera to be won every day till the contest ends!

Five pictures from the TVC will be displayed before you and you have to guess the alphabet the given picture represents, and that too really fast before you click on ‘submit’. The timer above starts from when you click ‘Start’ and stops when you click ‘Submit’. After you click submit, you are shown the results – your score and the time you took to answer.

The app then brings up an update which you can share with your friends telling them of the contest you participated in. The app gives you the option to post it or not, unlike other apps I’ve reviewed that post it without your permission. The best part is that you can improve your score and you are given three chances to do that, through the ‘Try Again’ button.

Canon India 'What makes us click' FB app

At the bottom, you can see four tabs – Top Scorers, Winners, Instructions and Terms & Conditions. I would suggest you read the Terms & Conditions of the contest before you go to the Instructions. Don’t see the Top scorers unless you have played once at least; quite a lot have finished it in 5 seconds flat! However, I don’t see any names in the Winners right now. This could be because the contest has just begun.

I’m thoroughly impressed with this campaign right from the click on the Facebook ad till the time I submitted my responses. The following features are worth a mention:

  • Call for action: As we have often highlighted in our posts, your Facebook ad should have a logical call for action. For instance, if your ad talks about a contest, the click shouldn’t take one to the wall but to the contest app. The Canon India Facebook ad is targeted perfectly.
  • Like: It is not a ‘like’ campaign, meaning I could participate in the contest without liking the page. It’s not that I’m against ‘like’ campaigns as a large number of fans are required if a brand wants to seriously engage with them. But forcing ‘likes’ does not do any good for the brand in the long term.
  • Design & execution: As you can see in the screenshot, the app is designed very well. The layout of text and images is perfectly balanced and not too crowding. Moreover, the design is in keeping with the cheerful mood of ‘What makes us click’. In terms of execution, every little detail is in sync with the overall app. The Terms & Conditions and Instructions given within the app along with the Top Scorers and Winners list, shows transparent and fair play. In short, the fans are provided with a great user experience!
  • Facebook Guidelines: The TVC video in the app does not auto-play. As per Facebook guidelines, a video should play only with the user’s consent. Besides this, the app also displays the content before you allow it to share on your wall.
  • Visibility: The fact that you can share it with your friends after you participate, is a simple way to spread it amongst your social network. I wish more brands work on this simple feature rather than brainstorm on how to make their campaigns ‘viral’!

When larger brands come up with wonderful campaigns like this one, it wins my trust in the social media evangelists behind this campaign. Perhaps, in a country where local businesses are always emulating the bigger ones, even with their tight budgets and all, brands like Canon India go a long way. I say this since I’ve reviewed campaigns by large brands and realized that most of them do not care for social at all. A gigantic number of Facebook fans is what marks social media success for them.

So the burden of social media evolution in India lies on the shoulders of brands like Canon India and the many local businesses with their social presence in place. ‘What makes us click’ ends on April 30 so make it click…err quick!