Canon India Brings ‘PIXSAW’ Jigsaw Puzzle On Facebook To Launch PIXMA

An article on Canon India bringing 'PIXSAW' Jigsaw Puzzle on Facebook to launch PIXMA printer


Canon India is back again with another fun, simple and rocking contest on its Facebook page called ‘Pixsaw’, where you have to solve a jigsaw puzzle in the fastest time and give the most creative caption to win a Canon PIXMA printer every day till the end of contest.

I stumbled upon a Facebook ad with a tempting offer of a Canon PIXMA printer for solving a jigsaw puzzle. Since, solving jigsaw puzzles is like my favourite pastime, I clicked at once and was taken to an app on the Canon India Facebook page.

About the Canon PIXSAW Jigsaw contest

The Facebook app created for PIXSAW contest is a neat one – you tend to like it the moment you set eyes on it. ‘Like’ the page to begin. Agree to the Terms & conditions before you can participate. You are given a choice of three images out of which the one you select will be scrambled up into pieces for you to join again. What is cool here is that the picture you select comes out from a virtual Canon PIXMA printer.

As soon as you are done with joining your last piece, the app displays a ‘Thank you’ message with your score and the time you took to complete the puzzle. Also, you can post your score on a friend’s wall or invite your friends to participate in the game.

But things don’t end here, there are some interesting options too. You can play again to improve your score and increase your chances. I can bet you would play again after you have seen the entries filed under ‘Top Scores’ and Winners’.

How cool is PIXSAW?

Canon India has nailed it again! Let me dive right in and list out all the features that an app needs to have for it to qualify as a memorable one, citing the PIXSAW app:

1. Perfectly targeted Facebook ad with right call for action: When I clicked on the ad to solve the puzzle and win the Canon PIXMA printer, I was led directly to the Facebook app. Had I been taken to someplace else, it would have been a disaster. A brand needs to be careful about its expensive Facebook ads leading to its expensive contest app if it needs to reap value of its expenses.

2. PIXSAW contest is a ‘like campaign: I like ‘like’ campaigns when the fans are directly aligned with your product. Canon is a brand that is known for its cameras and printers - both linked to each other by function, and have managed to build a beautiful campaign to launch its latest offering. Hence numbers would be necessary to begin engagement. However, an earlier ‘What makes us click’ contest wasn’t a ‘like’ one.

3.The PIXSAW app has been designed and executed well: Apart from the choice of bright colours, it was nice to see a flash-based app with some neat graphics and smooth navigation. I was delighted to keep playing it again to improve my score. Besides, it was tested well too!

Terms & conditions is easily available on the app, leaving no room for fans confusion.

4. PIXSAW abides by Facebook guidelines: When the app asked for permissions, I skipped it and was allowed in. Some apps do not proceed without the user granting it permissions, which are optional anyways. Besides, the app displays the text before it shares on Facebook.

5. PIXSAW is designed to go viral: We cannot always go viral with our social media campaigns but we can always aspire to go viral, by implementing the basic Facebook sharing features. The app uses both ‘Share’ and ‘Invite’ feature of Facebook, thus leveraging the social network for its core social features.

As you can see the Canon India PIXSAW contest has impressed me in all respects just like the ‘What makes us click’ contest and I simply can’t wait to improve my score. Good luck with yours!