Can You Drive Like Your Dad? Bajaj Allianz Makes A Startling Point In This DVC

As part of a road safety initiative by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, the brand has launched a DVC “Can you drive like your dad?” which serves as an eye-opener to parents who drive recklessly


Driving is a privilege and more importantly a responsibility. A responsibility to keep yourself, your family and the others on the road safe. Driving isn’t child’s play and this digital video commercial shows you why. Part of a road safety initiative by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, the DVC titled, “Can you drive like your dad?” serves as an eye-opener to parents who drive recklessly.

As the name suggests, the video features two kids imitating their dads and in the process teaching us an important lesson in road safety. The video starts with the duo trying to trump each other’s claims of whose dad drives faster on the road.

One boy says that his father drives at the speed of 150 kmph without wearing a seat belt. The claims get more aggressive every passing moment with the other boy saying that his father drives at 200 kmph while talking on the phone. One boy challenges the other, leading to a race between the two on their cycles, in which again they imitate their dads’ driving.

Obviously, they end up in a crash. A message flashes in reverse, “A play accident today can be a real one tomorrow. Make the roads safer for your children.’

The two boys come back into the frame, walking with their hands on each other’s shoulders. While one of them asks whether the other’s dad has a license, he replies with a no, and tries to brush it off by suggesting they have ice cream.

Conceived and conceptualized by Bajaj Allianz and its digital agency WATConsult and produced by Elephion, the 1.13 minute video uploaded on the insurance brand’s YouTube channel has garnered over 100K views, since being uploaded on September 11. Drawing from the insight that children often tend to imitate their parents and that also means they imbibe reckless driving lessons, the video asks a direct question to parents who indulge in rash driving.

For a general insurance brand like Bajaj Allianz, the video commercial is in sync with its road safety initiatives. Also, DVC’s serve as a good medium to bring out the message through storytelling.

Disclosure: WAT Consult is an advertiser at LI.