How Dentsu Webchutney’s Innovative WhatsApp Hack Grew Sales For Cafe TC By 28%

Case study by Dentsu Webchutney in which the agency brilliantly used WhatsApp as a marketing medium to engage and grow sales for Cafe TC, despite WhatsApp not selling ads

whatsapp LiquorTicker

The Client

Cafe TC, a popular restaurant and bar in Delhi NCR, is known for great customer experience. Recently, it underwent a revamp – from Turquoise Cottage to Cafe TC.

The Agency

Ranked as India’s No. 1 Digital Agency, Dentsu Webchutney is a member of the Dentsu Aegis Network and works with leading companies in India by developing award winning and memorable experiences for brands to connect, engage with and build sustained relationships with their consumers online. Dentsu Webchutney is a team of over 200 digital marketing professionals across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Our clients include Flipkart, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Airtel, ITC, Skore Condoms, Budweiser and Google among others. We work with them in areas of online advertising, website design, mobile marketing and social media.

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Problem Statement

When Cafe TC underwent its makeover, it had a clear task at hand – to promote its new look and feel, new menu, new offers, happy hours & more to its valued customers. The TG was the young and urban. The only problem? Promote in limited budgets.

Identified Objectives

  1. To promote the revamped look, new menu, new offers and more to the young audience who are always connected and hooked to their phones.
  2. Engage the core TG without sounding un-cool to them and staying away from regular advertising.

The Strategy

Limited budget and a clear understanding of our TG made us consider a medium that was the most popular among our core group. A medium they spent most of their time on – WhatsApp. But then, everybody knows that WhatsApp doesn’t sell ads. And spamming was not our idea of advertising.

This was the biggest challenge ahead of us but we saw it like an opportunity. We also learnt that there have not been any great marketing campaigns using WhatsApp barring a few international ones. Let’s say this became a starting point for us to think and create something unprecedented.

The Execution

We modified WhatsApp’s API to convert the WhatsApp status into a running ticker and the profile pics into GIFs!

Then we took all the content – from the new logo, new menu, new gigs and new offers, and put it up on the ticker we created. We called it the Liquor Ticker.

liquor ticker images

Using existing properties - Facebook & Twitter, we asked the fans and followers to add our mobile number and look us up on WhatsApp for a never-seen-before surprise. They were also encouraged to take a screenshot of an offer in order to avail it at their nearest bar.


The engagement soared. The enquiries for table booking, new menu and even “how did we do this?” went up by a staggering 117% while the sales shot up by 28% during the campaign period. Here’s a video of the case study:


Go Beyond - As advertisers, we really need to push the boundaries of the medium. WhatsApp didn’t have any ad space. So we created one!

Content Will Always Be The King - If the content is interesting, people would engage on their own. One need not hard-sell.