Missed Caller - Dentsu Webchutney’s Truecaller innovation for Café TC

The USP of Truecaller, the purpose of missed call and a bot come together to create what can be safely called as the World’s First Free Promo on Truecaller

What’s the value of a missed call, you wonder, but marketers have been reaping rich from missed calls. Brands in consumer-facing roles have been leveraging the missed call opportunity for a variety of purposes, most of all being collecting leads. But, whoever heard of a missed call being used for a deal promotion!

In this age of Truecaller, a missed call is also an important part of our communication. We use the app to identify unknown calls or to block spam SMS, so as Truecaller claims, ‘it filters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with people who matter.’ One brand sought to become the people who matter.

One simple innovation on Truecaller and the brand in question got consumers hunting for deals on their Truecaller call logs.

Friday night is party night. Bars and restaurants run exclusive deals and offers in order to get maximum footfalls. These deals are communicated to people using various conventional mediums including – SMS, e-mails, IM messages and calls to name a few.

In December, Café TC launched an exclusive set of Friday Night deals – Not 2 B Missed Deals. It tasked Dentsu Webchutney to ensure that the deals are communicated effectively.

The agency arrived on the insight that more than the received calls, it is the missed calls that capture the attention of people. Missed calls make people curious and they want to know who called and why. They look up unknown callers on Truecaller which now commands a user base of 250 million.

By putting missed calls and Truecaller together, Dentsu Webchutney created Missed Caller – World’s First Free Promo on Truecaller. For this, 5 unique profiles were created each week. Every profile represented an offer. A special bot gave people a missed call from each number.

When people checked the numbers on Truecaller, they saw the deals from Café TC. This simple media innovation turned patrons’ Truecaller call log into Café TC’s offer menu.

Initially designed to run only for the festive month of December, it will continue given the positive results achieved. The campaign claims to have had a 35% rise in footfalls and 22% increase in sales.

Referring to the Missed Caller as one more example of Dentsu Webchutney’s customer-centric thinking, Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist summed up the campaign as a disruptive one by virtue of its insightful blend of platform innovation and a bot.

It is interesting to witness Truecaller being used as a marketing platform with commendable results. Missed Caller makes you want to believe in the beauty of simplicity. We can’t wait to watch out for more tech innovations from the Dentsu Webchutney labs.