Parle Agro’s Café Cuba Is All Set To Create A Revolution On Social Media

Review of Parle Agro's Social Media campaign for its new coffee flavoured carbonated beverage - Café Cuba

The promise of a new beverage, the taste of roasted coffee beans and an amusing Cuban personality have set the stage for the country’s very first coffee flavoured carbonated beverage - Café Cuba. With this new drink, Parle Agro makes a re-entry into the aerated drinks category after a 20-year hiatus targeting young individuals and how -

Café Cuba has a dedicated website with an active presence on popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, including emerging ones like Instagram. Interestingly, the product will only be launched across the country in 2014, but has already made waves in the social circuit. As the country is getting geared up for its very own coffee flavoured fizz drink developed completely in-house, the product promotions for Café Cuba are worth taking a note of.

Interestingly, the beverage has been introduced by a cool guy from Cuba who begins with “Que Vola, My Amigos!” – What’s up, my friends! And you start liking him at once!

“I now bring the magical taste of a Café Cuba to your beautiful country. I want to make all of you my comrades part of this coffee revolution”, says The Cuba Guy, after describing how he was inspired to create the new drink. The introduction further describes how the drink is to be enjoyed, while encouraging the reader to go try a Café Cuba.

Café Cuba creates a niche on social media

A similar tone of communication has been adopted on social media channels. ‘The Cuba Guy’ is a believably friendly Cuban guy speaking in English, often greeting with a Hola! while referencing users as Senorita and Senor.The emphasis is on creating a revolution with the community.

Savor a few tweets by which the Twitter handle is informing, connecting and engaging with users:

The 85K strong Facebook fan base has been relevantly engaged as well. With regular posters of famous people’s reactions after having tasted the new drink to sharing revolutionary facts in history and revolutionary birthdays, the wall is a delight to watch. Check out Queen’s response to Cafe Cuba!

Cafe Cuba Facebook poster

Although the website features a Vine link, it leads to the Twitter page and not the Vine account of Cafe Cuba. The Instagram account is still developing.

Connecting, conversing and building bonds through social media

For a product launch slated for February 2014, this prior social media testing is a brilliant idea. The brand proposition at this stage being ‘#TastedCuba’, not only encourages consumers but also informs, excites and prepares them for the new revolution. In a country with only cola, orange and lemon flavours in fizzy drinks, Café Cuba needed a grand opening and The Cuban Guy is sure making an impact. Also, social media targeting works to reach out to the relevant young demogaphic.

But, the most fascinating aspect is the style of communication adopted in all social media networks - uniform, friendly, amusing. Add to it, the #RevolutionaryFacts, and Café Cuba has successfully managed to create a niche connect with this revolutionary campaign. What do you say?