Cafe Coffee Day Embeds Social Media Into It’s First TVC #sitdown

About the first TVC by Cafe Coffee day 'Sit Down' that urges youngsters to sit down and talk instead of standing up for issues. The ad integrates social media networks to bring out the message


Cafe Coffee Day adds a TVC around the message ‘Sit Down’, further strengthening the reason behind its brand positioning with ‘A lot can happen over coffee’.  This is the first ever TVC from the coffee chain ever since its 16 years of existence. ((Article Source)) But what is interesting to note is the use of social media in the ad – The ad begins with a youngster frustrated with having to stand up for everything that’s wrong around us and suggests the viewer to ‘sit down’ and talk while having a cup of coffee.

This is recorded and uploaded on YouTube as he encourages others to upload their #Sitdown moments through his Twitter page, sparking a movement on social media. It starts with a barrage of tweets, videos being recorded, Facebook updates, video chats, Facebook events all the while as youngsters shift away from fighting against the many ‘ism’ oriented causes to starting the ‘sit-downism’. Sit-downism has also been featured as a Wikipedia entry complete with definition and a symbol! Here’s the TVC:

Social media buzz

The brand had launched teasers on its Facebook page prior to the ad launch asking fans if they always need to stand up for something. Most of the updates have been through the Facebook cover page with a new and intriguing message every day, right until the ad video update.


For starters, the TVC concept is amazing. Integrating the concept of ‘social media to spark a movement’ into the TVC is a brilliant idea by the creative team. It emulates a real life situation where people most often share things that happened offline onto their online networks. This will surely give rise to a new series in advertising that will be more inclusive about the social media.

Do ‘Sit Down’ and let us know what you think in the comments!