Cadbury’s 5 Star Facebook Contest Seems Lost!

An article that reviews Cadbury's 5 Star Facebook Contest called 'Lost in 5 Star'

Incidentally, I happened to see a ‘Lost in 5 star’ Facebook contest on a hoarding outside my lane. And I thought to myself that the contest may have expired by now. You see most hoardings are usually not taken off until a new sponsor comes up. But I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Facebook page to see that the contest is live and also very simple.

The landing page is attractive, informative but I found a big problem in it. The concept of the contest is this - take a wacky picture of yourself eating a Cadbury 5 Star, upload it, share it, get votes and win cool prizes. So I tried to find where I could upload my wacky picture but couldn’t find any clickable area or button to do so.

Cadbury Lost in 5 Star Facebook contest

However, I was able to vote for the existing pictures that were given below quite a number of times. Here too, I found a glitch. See the title in the dialog box. That’s the name of the agency!

Pinstorm says!

I checked the wall, which has an interesting update. It seems around 350 people showed how they got lost in 5 star at Inorbit, Pune and how we can also show by visiting a link. I was hoping to find a mystery app or something but this linked me again to the same app. The terms & conditions too states that only pictures submitted through the Lost in 5 Star app will be accepted.

Last month, we had seen the interesting Ramesh and Suresh in a new film called ‘The Date Phillum’ on Youtube (it also claims to be India’s first digital interactive film). The movie was made up of a series of videos each with a story that had to be taken forward by clicking on any of the two options given at the end of every video. The contest around this movie called ‘Date Ka Sawaal’ was to answer a simple question about the movie. This one seems to have been well designed and executed with total upload views being 2,300,417 at last count. Also the winners have been announced on a separate tab as opposed to announcing on the wall itself.

Now I have two questions on my mind: 1) how can the creators of ‘The Date Phillum’ also churn out this ‘lost in 5 star’ fiasco? , 2) or is it that these have been designed by two different entities altogether? Somebody please help me, anybody from Cadbury or Pinstorm, please tell me how do I upload my wacky picture. Or is it that you guys have been eating Cadbury 5 star and getting lost yourselves!