Why A Wafer Chocolate Brand Created Superfast Raju [Case Study]

For the launch of Cadbury Perk's Superfast Opening Pack, the brand created superfast Raju, an ordinary guy with a superfast move through a series of videos and visuals on social media

Perk superfast Raju FB cover

Cadbury Perk was hitting the markets with a new innovative packaging, a one of a kind perforated pack that rips into two from the middle called the Superfast Opening Pack. The chocolate brand wanted to establish the new pack with an interesting communication with its young target segment.

In association with its digital agency Madison Media, Cadbury Perk decided to break through the clutter with the unique ritual “Rip N Share”. The idea was to connect the ritual amongst the young TG (15-19 year olds) based out of larger towns.

The strategy

The urban youth is aspirational in nature. Apart from being aspirational they are also up for any challenges been thrown at them.

Taking into account this behavior of the TG, a character was created called ‘The Superfast Raju’, a simple and ordinary guy who could easily resonate well with the TG and was always up for new challenges in his life. This simple guy has got a special power to beat all the odds. No he’s no Batman who is a vigilante or Superman who is born a hero; he is just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary secret. The secret is that he has a Superfast move which is cool in itself.

Studies also stated that the TG being talked to follow Xtreme sports rigorously and which is of utmost interest to them. Hence, awareness for the new pack was driven by introducing the ritual of opening the pack as the superfast and coolest move by associating it with Xtreme sports like Parkour, Skateboarding and BMX.

Marrying the consumers’ nature with their interests, the agency created action packed and breath-taking videos where Superfast Raju takes on Xtreme Sports professionals with his ‘Superfast’ move, ‘Rip it. Share it.’ A series of videos were created to capture Superfast Raju’s close encounters with the Xtreme sports professionals. The professionals exhibited their enthralling and exhilarating moves and completed it in the minimum amount of time and challenged Superfast Raju. To counter their signature moves, he defeated them with his superfast signature move with the superfast opening pack.

Additionally, intrigue was built about Superfast Raju and his superfast move through quirky posts on its Facebook page.



The results

  • 3 million plus views across video sites and networks
  • 50 million plus impressions in the online space
  • 22 million Social Media impressions
  • 4X increase in PTAT