Cadbury Dairy Milk Ushers #CadburyHeroes In Creative Gifs And Visuals

Mondelez and Warner Bros' Batman v/s Superman: Dawn of Justice partnership sees a special edition called Cadbury Heroes. The brand made interesting gifs to create buzz

There’s a special opportunity for brands that choose to promote themselves through movies. Facebook’s association with Despicable Me brought those adorable minions closer to fans, with ardent Facebook users chatting with minion stickers, while the social networking giant got even more popular. Some brands go the last mile and even create branded movie merchandise. McDonald’s India has a new Chinese menu, thanks to its association with Kungfu Panda 3; there’s Schezwan Mcburgers - a pandastic gift by Po.

The recent brand- movie tie-up that caught my eye was Mondelez and the latest superhero movie from Warner Bros, Batman v/s Superman: Dawn of Justice. Mondelez launched a special edition range of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates called Cadbury Heroes. The last time it tied up with Warner Bros for Dark Knight, the brand chose its dark chocolate Bournville.

The tie-up saw an ad where the two iconic superheroes melt into chocolate to form the Cadbury Heroes special edition.

In addition to the ad which played during the T20 matches, the brand also leveraged its social media properties to announce the launch of Cadbury Heroes:

Gifs seem to have resurrected on social media. More than still images but not as heavy as videos, Gifs provide the best of both worlds to brands who want to tell fun, adorable stories on social media. Made popular by the listicle sites like Buzzfeed and 9GAG, gifs became a rage last year and are continuing to ride the content marketing plan for many brands this year too. Be it Republic day, Valentine’s day or Holi, most Indian brands invested in gifs to engage better with their fans.

Cadbury Heroes has received a warm welcome with gifs even though that may not be the case with the superhero film and superhero movie fans. Bringing out the gifs well in advance has served to build awareness for the special edition in a memorable way.

Back in 2012, Warner Bros’ Dark Knight Rises teamed up with the dark chocolate brand Cadbury Bournville. A series of contests were rolled out on Facebook and YouTube, the types of which were the rage in those years. A ‘pixel contest’ needed one to click on any of the pixels to unveil the poster hidden underneath, with every click the poster was revealed. A fan’s profile got registered to the pixel that they have clicked. Lucky ones got goodies. An interactive video contest and contests on the Facebook page of Bournville gave away movie tickets too.