Cadbury Celebrations Lights Up Raksha Bandhan On Facebook

About Cadbury Celebrations Raksha Bandhan celebration campaign on Facebook

Cadbury Celebrations brings Raksha Bandhan celebrations on to Facebook with a wonderful app and a chance for siblings to feature on hoardings across the country.

This Raksha Bandhan tell your brother or sister how special they are by sending them a special wish anywhere in India. You can see their face and city they live in light-up on the virtual map of India. But that is not all – you and your sibling may win a chance to appear on hoardings across the city.  If this sounds exciting, then head over to the Cadbury Celebrations Facebook page at once and click on the India celebrates Raksha Bandhan Facebook app.

About ‘India celebrates’ Facebook app

You are greeted by an amazing animated app with a glowing map of India against a black background, after you click on ‘Send your wish’. Also, the cities and towns through which wishes have been sent through, are lit up on the map. At the left bottom, you can see the city with the highest number of wishes by clicking on ‘City of the day’. As you can see in the screenshot, the colourful ribbons are extending from Mumbai to other places in India.


Besides this, you can see a continuous flow of wishes updated live at the bottom right. You can participate by clicking on ‘Send your wish’. A window displays the list of friends from the opposite gender. Select your sibling, write your wish and click send to see your entry in the live updates.

You can also search for your wish at the search option above. Either enter your Facebook name, Twitter handle or phone number and click search. Presently, I see 6,429 wishes made by India, which I guess is only going to grow.

How cool is the app?

Cadbury Celebrations, a brand that is positioned to cater to the many festivals that are celebrated in India, seems to have taken up this Raksha Bandhan festival with a vengeance. For starters, I loved the concept! Celebrating a relationship that signifies the quintessential Indian bond with a touch of technology, might just prove to be the USP for this campaign.

As apps are meant to be used by laypersons, the first point to be taken care of is simplicity. ‘India celebrates’ app is a perfect blend of simplicity and a ‘fun’ experience for the fan. Execution is excellent save for the names that do not appear when you hover over the lit-up cities at times. I think the app designed for the contest almost qualifies to be a microsite in itself besides being informative, intuitive, simple, well tested and providing a good user experience.

How cool are the celebrations?

Cadbury Celebrations Sister streetThe Facebook wall is a celebration in itself. Fans have been given ample ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with the brand. Apart from the app, siblings can also send wishes through SMS. Also, the brand has built ‘Sister Streets’ in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Lucknow. Fans living in any of these cities can upload a picture of the Sister street and win a surprise gift.

Apart from this, fans can change their profile picture or cover photo to a childhood picture with their brother or sister and share it on the Cadbury Celebrations wall. The brother-sister duo can then have a chance to appear on the cover photo on Rakhi!

Twitter hasn’t been left behind. Sisters were invited to share what makes their brother special and vice versa, with the sweetest messages winning a Cadbury Celebrations pack every hour. The specially created hashtag #MySpecialBro trended on the day of the contest.

However, the one thing I would have loved to see on Facebook is the rich legacy. For a brand that has started off in the 1900’s, the Facebook timeline offers a beautiful medium to share its long history and bond better with its 2 million plus fans. Hopefully, a timeline will roll out soon!

Nevertheless, the virtual map of the country will lit up in the days to come as India celebrates Raksha Bandhan. On another note, the map might also be an indication of the most active cities on Facebook. What do you think about the campaign?