Cadbury Bournvita Prepares To Win On Social Media With ‘Tayari Jeet Ki’

A review of Cadbury Bournvita 'Tayari jeet ki' activities on social media, where the beverage brand is spreading the importance of inculcating good habits in life


They say first we make our habits and then habits are what make us. Drawing from this simple philosophy of success in life, Cadbury India has launched the ‘Tayari jeet ki’ campaign for its chocolate flavoured health drink Bournvita, that stresses on the importance of inculcating good habits in children as a preparation to win in life. The TVC for the same features a mother and son racing together to instil the habit of winning in him, as good habits cannot be acquired overnight nor easily.

On air since April, the campaign has been extended onto social media too. For starters, Cadbury Bournvita’s Facebook page has a cover photo image made up of scenes from the TVC with the central theme ‘Tayari jeet ki’ written in the Devanagiri script. Apart from sharing the TVC on the wall, the Facebook page has made it a habit to talk about the importance of  inculcating good habits.

Baat badhao. Aadat banao

The Facebook page features an app called ‘Baat badhao. Aadat banao’ where one can start a new habit with some help from Facebook friends. Not a ‘like’ app, you can begin by clicking on start now. Enter an acchhi aadat either for you or for your child and submit it. At the bottom, you can see some of the good habits taken up by others.

Then select a few friends from a pop-up window who will motivate you. They will be notified about the app and you will receive notifications from each of the friends that you have invited.


At the end, the app gives you an option to take guidance from the brand’s ‘Acchhi Aadatien’ expert. The smart app pulls up your name and email id after you say yes, so you could enter your question in the box and submit. Your queries would be answered through email.

#BVTGoodHabits with moms on Twitter

Tayari jeet ki‘ is also using Twitter to create social media chatter on the network with the most reach. Hashtag #tayarijeetki has been used to share the TVC video while Twitter users are being encouraged to tweet good habits. Beginning this month, Bournvita India started with Twitter contests using the hashtag #BVTGoodHabits that required participants to tweet about good habits. One had to follow the Bournvita India Twitter handle and tweet along with the hashtag to win the gift vouchers.

Interestingly, the brand has also roped in Twitter moms to host contests with Shoppers Stop gift vouchers to be won. Needless to say the hashtag did trend.

Tayari jeet ki for Cadbury Bournvita?

The concept is a brilliant one; having a mother teach her son to build good habits by example rather than having her harp about the nutritional benefits of the product is certain to catch attention. This will also help in product differentiation in a market teaming with health drinks, and build on better brand recall. Besides, the concept of inculcating good habits has been well extended onto social media.

The use of a branded hashtag even with the initials BVT helps associate good habits with the brand. But what I liked best is employing Twitter moms to help spread the message further. Leveraging brand advocates and influencers on Twitter is a sureshot method to increased visibility.

The Facebook app could have been a ‘like’ one though; this would only help build its fan base which is currently at 116K. Else, the idea and inviting friends to motivate you build good habits is a cool one. Perhaps, Cadbury Bournvita can further leverage the power of blogs and host a contest for mommy bloggers to share their stories of instilling good habits in their kids.

Good concept coupled with good execution makes for a better storytelling on social media. What are your thoughts on ‘Tayari jeet ki’?