Cadbury Bournville Still Ignoring Facebook Guidelines

An article on how Cadbury Bournville Still Ignoring Facebook Guidelines in it's new Facebook campaign for the Hollywood movie-The Dark Knight Rises

July 20, 2022 will see the legend of Christopher Nolan’s master series end with the release of the last part in theaters. The epic series of Batman trilogy comes to an end with the last part “Dark Knight Rises” and to promote this the Hollywood blockbuster is leveraging it in all forms of media and definitely social media is no exception. The production house, Warner Bros has tied up with Cadbury Bournville for engaging with fans on social media.

Facebook and Youtube social media campaigns

The Facebook fan page of Cadbury Bournville with more than 1.5 million fans had started a contest - the Pixel Contest. The contest has been designed for the community so you have to ‘like’ the page to be part of the contest. The contest is a no brainer one and you need to click on any of the pixel to unveil the poster that is hidden behind it.  With every click the poster will show up and it would register your profile to the pixel that you have clicked. Lucky winners have received gift hampers. Right now as you see in the below screen grab, the poster has been revealed and the winners have been announced.

cadbury bournville facebook contest

Besides this, the brand is running some quick contests on the Facebook page itself and awarding fans with goodies based on a random selection. In addition to this, the brand has been running contests on its Youtube brand page too. The video that has been created is an interactive one with daily trivia around Batman franchise being posted on it with exciting prizes for lucky winners. The winners would also get pre-screening tickets for the movie in five cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.

Is the campaign a cool one?

I didn’t find it cool. The campaign could have done much better in terms of concept and execution. The things that need to be looked at are the following:

1. The Pixel Contest that has been designed neither involves creativity nor is it unique as Audi India had built the same app some time back when they were about to launch the S4 in India. I would be really surprised if it was a coincidence that both the brands came up with the same campaign idea. Moreover, fans do not get a feel of ‘earning’ the moment.

2. The brand is running contests on the page itself. If I am not wrong it was Cadbury Bournville’s page that was pulled down by Facebook for similar reasons in 2011 for misusing Facebook guidelines. Either the brand has not learnt from its mistake or the agency that is handling the work is not updated on Facebook guidelines or has altogether decided to ignore them. To know more about Facebook contest guidelines check here.

Undoubtedly, the contests are adding more likes and comments but the brand needs to decide between wanting to build ‘likes’ or a healthy community. Besides this, brands like Cadbury Bournville need to set examples on social media but instead it is ignoring Facebook guidelines and setting a wrong example in the industry.

It’s really a pity to see such campaigns but I hope the brand is listening and may be in the near future it has much more meaningful engagement giving due respect to Facebook guidelines.