Cadbury Bournville Camouflages Ad As A Viral Video

As an extension of its 'Not so sweet' campaign, Cadbury Bournville's on-ground activation in a mall featuring a failed marriage proposal has reportedly gone viral on YouTube

Cadbury Bournville is going strong on its repositioning to ‘Not so sweet’. The premium dark chocolate from Cadbury is strongly focussing on driving out the ‘too sweet’ things in our life, ending a long brand proposition around ‘having to earn’ a Bournville. The ‘Not so sweet’ campaign, apart from sharing an array of creative communication pieces on social media platforms, had also embarked upon an on-ground activation, the video of which has now reportedly gone viral.

bournville Not so sweet

As per this report on AFAQS, the failed marriage proposal video doing the rounds on YouTube lately - which was suspected to be an ad for Bournville – is actually an ad for Bournville!

Within four days of being uploaded through a random user account on YouTube, the video garnered 3 million views and had reached a whopping 4.8 million views at the time the report was created. However, I couldn’t find the exact video that went viral; there are multiple uploads by many random accounts.

Conceived and created by O&M, the seemingly personal video features a guy proposing to his girl friend with the usual sweet talk at a busy mall accompanied by a few musicians.

You are my charm, you are my sweety pie, you are my cutie pie, my absolute everything and I know you find this cheesy but I want everyone to know, you make me really happy,” he announces on a microphone.

This would have been ok had he not wanted everyone in the mall to know. When he is on his knees the visibly embarrassed girl whacks him at once – and rightfully so – after snatching the little guitar from one of the performers nearby and walks away angrily.

The toy train with the ‘Cadbury Bournville Not so sweet’ shouting out from each of the bogies was a complete giveaway though. Most viewers commented on the video after having recognised it as a camouflaged ad by the chocolate brand.

Nevertheless, it helped create a buzz on social media and got picked up by many other media too. As has been reported, the video was featured on a US TV channel covering funny videos (with a special mention about Bournville), a TV channel in the Philippines, blogs and media across the world. On Facebook, the video was shared separately on a bunch of different pages that feature funny videos.

While brands are finding the formula for viral success, Cadbury Bournville’s experiment seems to have paid off. Social media promotions have been nearly zero for the video. Even now, the ad has not been uploaded by the official Bournville YouTube account nor been talked about on its Facebook or Twitter pages. The brand seems to be relying on pure organic reach, adding to the fun!