[Case Study] How Cadbury 5 Star Engaged Fans Via Soundcloud With Ramesh-Suresh’s LOST Commentary For #CWC2015

Cadbury 5 Star made cricket commentators out of Ramesh Suresh for the India-SA match and engaged fans via Soundcloud as part of its 'lost at work' campaign

Cadbury 5 star ramesh suresh

A brand that does not leverage cricket season in a country like India is sure losing out on a great opportunity to connect with its consumers. Cricket is almost a religion that unifies the whole of India and a world cup poses just the right occasion for a brand to connect with the youth. Several brands have been running promotional campaigns around the ongoing ICC World Cup but a leading chocolate bar brand decided to it differently.

Cadbury 5 Star blended the best of both worlds – cricket and its iconic TVC protagonists ‘Ramesh Suresh’ to present some LOST commentary during the matches. This is the second job the dynamic duo have taken up after a stint handling the ticket and food counters at PVR Cinemas in Mumbai and Gurgaon. The campaigns have been conceptualized, developed and promoted by OgilvyOne.

The brand story goes like this, the father (pitaji) of Ramesh and Suresh has asked the two to get a job. At PVR Cinemas, the two entertained unsuspecting visitors with typical Ramesh Suresh ‘LOST’ moments - those temporary amnesia moments brought on after munching on a 5 Star chocolate bar. Read full story at “Why Ramesh-Suresh Of Cadbury 5 Star Get Jobs At PVR Cinemas Ticket Counter”.

LOST commentary on Soundcloud

Next the two found the perfect job with the World Cup. Armed with a television set, a Soundcloud account, a Twitter fan following of 14K and their favourite 5 Star, they gave themselves the work of commentating.

With a lot of buzz around the India vs. South Africa match, the brand arranged a real-time commentary for Cadbury 5 Star fans. Ramesh and Suresh did shayaris, forgot the scores, created an anthem, read an audio-letter for the South-African team, cried, yelled, opened contests, thanked fans with personalized messages and obviously ‘got lost’ during the commentary. All the commentary on Soundcloud was shared via the social media assets of the brand, especially Twitter.

The day-long activity got the brand to connect with the youth during their favourite event, fans got a chance to interact with Ramesh Suresh, win 5 Stars and most importantly, all this made the match even more entertaining.

There was one important ‘first’ for Cadbury 5 Star in this activity. It was the first time that the brand engaged with fans on Soundcloud, not through music or a podcast but with commentary!

Numbers achieved by LOST commentary

  • 26,926 plays for the commentary recordings on Soundcloud
  • About 3,80,221 Twitter impressions
  • 1200 Retweets, 698 replies, 667 favorites
  • 1.3 Millions reached out on Facebook, with engagement rate of 6%

Fun, targeted and  memorable

Having live commentary around a world cup match combined with a fun social media engagement with simple contests has made for a memorable and timely campaign. Just like it did with the Ramesh Suresh job stint at PVR Cinemas, when the two often got ‘lost’. Bringing the dynamic duo out of television ads and into the real world is really bringing alive the campaign idea of ‘Jo Khaye Kho Jaye’ at its best.

Besides, it is always impressive to see a brand experiment with social networks other than the regular Facebook and Twitter. Cadbury 5 Star has become the first Indian brand to engage with fans via live cricket commentary on Soundcloud. And has also been successful at that - as numbers tell the story. In this clutter of cricket-related campaigns, the Cadbury 5 Star LOST commentary campaign stands out for its creative and thoughtful brand connect.