Cadbury 5 Star’s Ramesh-Suresh Now Bring Out The Good In Getting Lost

Cadbury 5 Star has rolled out a new TVC featuring its popular mascots Ramesh and Suresh, but this time the forgetful siblings become the heroes of the day rather unwittingly

The funny duo of Ramesh and Suresh are back with another bout of ‘feeling lost’. But this time, their crazy antics lead to fluke heroism. Cadbury 5 Star’s lead protagonists have won our hearts ever since their debut as the siblings who ‘get lost’ after they start munching on a bar of Cadbury 5 Star. Their numerous instances of ‘short term memory loss’ have kept us entertained over the years, like no other TV ad could.

The latest TVC campaign titled ‘The Good In Getting Lost’ has a little twist to the amnesia. Ramesh and Suresh become the heroes of the day rather unwittingly, of course, after being in a state of ‘lostness’ having munched on a 5 Star bar.

In the 45-second spot conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather, Ramesh and Suresh go to a Cadbury shop right outside a bank to munch into their favourite chocolate bar. While the duo get lost in the flavours of the 5 Star, a whole lot of drama takes place behind them. A gang of robbers who’d planned on robbing the bank, and speeding away in their van, are seen getting inside the bank.

Meanwhile, the forgetful duo, unaware of what’s happening, get into the empty van and get ready to drive away. To their luck, the bank robbers have just stacked their loot inside the van. Oblivious to what is in the van, Ramesh and Suresh drive away with the bank loot while the four bank robbers are seen desperately trying to catch up with them on a bicycle.


Cadbury 5 Star has been continuing with its Ramesh-Suresh inspired content pieces on social media, while talking about the new, enhanced version. The chocolate bar’s Twitter handle is a fun feed of hilarious Vines and little stories about the duo. The brand is also part of YouTube’s Comedy Hunt – a contest to find the next big YouTube stars in comedy from the country.

Getting lost is a good thing

Cadbury 5 Star has played well with this pair of brand mascots over the years. Ramesh-Suresh and their innocent shenanigans have successfully carved a niche brand recall for the chocolate bar. The new storyline that sees the duo emerge as unwitting heroes is a fresh take on the brand’s proposition of ‘#JoKhaayeKhoJaye’.

During the ICC World Cup, the loony duo became India’s unofficial coaches and imparted advice to everyone, including the players. From suggestions on how to be a star cricketer to how to look good after taking wickets, the duo shared funny, weird, loony ways for excelling in cricket. These crazy LOST lessons were shared as Vines on Twitter.

The duo also indulged in live LOST commentary during the matches where they recited shayaris, forgot the scores, created an anthem, read an audio-letter for the South-African team, cried, yelled, opened contests, thanked fans with personalized messages and much more, all powered by their Soundcloud account.

Ramesh-Suresh are well equipped to carry forward the LOST legacy of Cadbury 5 Star. The Good in Getting Lost campaign could be a fun series as the earlier ones.