BuzzFeed Launches New Ad Format At SXSW, British Vogue Testing Fashion News Alerts On WhatsApp

Global digital news - BuzzFeed's marketing chief Frank Cooper unveiled a beta test of an ad format dubbed Swarm, Vogue has been sending the latest runway looks and fashion news to followers’ phones, and more

Ooredoo encourages fans to #StandForGood: Following on Ooredoo’s ‘Simply Do Wonders’ advertising campaign with Lionel Messi, the company launched ‘Together We Do Wonders’, a sequel to the award-winning campaign, which will again feature Ooredoo’s Global Brand Ambassador, Lionel Messi.

The Daily Beast launches two Facebook live video series: The Daily Beast is the latest publisher to join the Facebook live streaming party. The IAC-owned news and entertainment site is launching two new original live series on Facebook. “Cheat Sheet,” which launches March 14 and will air every weekday at noon, will bring the site’s popular editorial series of the same name into a video format.

British Vogue tests breaking fashion news alerts on WhatsApp: Publishers like The Huffington Post and BBC have used WhatsApp to send out breaking news alerts tell long-form stories, respectively. But Vogue believes it’s the first fashion magazine to join the messaging app (however, Glamour magazine is also testing the space). Since February, when New York Fashion Week kicked off, Vogue has been sending the latest runway looks and fashion news to followers’ phones.

World Child Cancer Big C: International charity World Child Cancer is raising awareness of the differing impacts of cancer on children in the UK and the developing world with the help of a new commercial, “The Big C”. Two children from different backgrounds play with the same wooden block, which starts as a toy in the hands of the Western child.

Dove and Twitter Built a Tool to Measure How Positive or Negative Your Tweets Are: The team launched a new phase of its #SpeakBeautiful campaign at South by Southwest Interactive today with a tool that breaks down which body-related words people use the most and when negative chatter peaks during the day.

BuzzFeed Launches New Ad Format to Further Monetize Its Big Social Reach: During a keynote at South by Southwest Interactive, BuzzFeed’s marketing chief Frank Cooper unveiled a beta test of an ad format dubbed Swarm. It allows advertisers to run campaigns simultaneously across all of his company’s Web and mobile properties and six of its social platforms: Snapchat Discover, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

Lloyds For Your Next Step: Lloyds Bank has launched a new commercial featuring the iconic black horse. At the heart of the Lloyds For Your Next Step campaign is a 60 second film, shot in super slow motion, where we see the black horse dramatically galloping through real life next step scenarios, such as the birth of a child, a marriage proposal, starting and finishing at school, or a funeral.

Snapchat’s Sponsored Geofilters Are Zeroing in on SXSW Attendees for the First Time: Snapchat was one of the buzzier topics at South by Southwest Interactive when the Austin, Texas, festival opened on Friday, and marketers are targeting conference goers with the ephemeral app. Adweek has seen sponsored geofilters from Samsung, Avocados From Mexico, Spotify, AreaNet’s GW2 video game and Mashable during the last 24 hours.

We can teach each other: Dubai Cares promotional campaign “We can teach other” has won the Grand Prix for Good at the 2016 Dubai Lynx Awards. To get people to change the way they see charities, get involved and donate, Dubai Cares launched a skill exchange between the developed and the underdeveloped world. The exchange started over YouTube where kids living in poverty in Tanzania and Sri Lanka created DIY tutorials on how to create toys using everyday items such as plastic, cotton and wood.