1. Yep, BuzzFeed Is Building A Games Team: If you like BuzzFeed’s quizzes and interactive projects like its Game Of Thrones name generator, congratulations, you’re probably going to be seeing more of them. If you think they’re all annoying gimmicks, well, uh, you’re going to be seeing more of them anyway. Read more here.

2. Microsoft’s iconic MSN Messenger is closing down in China, the last market where it remains: Farewell MSN Messenger. The iconic 15-year-old Microsoft instant messaging service for desktops will finally be laid to rest after its closure was announced in China, the last market where it remains active. Read more here.

3. Chinese internet giants Tencent and Baidu team up to take on Alibaba’s e-commerce dominance: The e-commerce war in China is heating up to a level never seen before — two Chinese internet giants, Tencent and Baidu, are teaming up in e-commerce to take on the country’s top e-commerce firm: Alibaba. Read more here.

4. Google stops showing authorship in search results, will still include Google+ posts from friends and pages: Google today stopped showing authorship in search results, meaning articles will no longer include a link to the Google+ profile of their author. The company says that it found the information isn’t as useful to its users as it hoped, and in some cases even distracts from the overall search results. Read more here.

5. Twitter Opening Office in Social-Media-Mad Indonesia: Twitter plans to open an office in Indonesia over the coming months as it seeks to boost revenues in the social-media-addicted nation, the company announced Friday. Several market monitors have declared Jakarta as the world’s most active city of tweeters. Twitter does not publicise official user numbers by country or city. Read more here.

6. Facebook Testing Keyword Search for Older Posts via Mobile Apps: Facebook is testing keyword search for older posts on its mobile app, which will enable users to search through post content posted by friends and pages followed by them. The move is part of the company’s full implementation of Graph Search for mobile and tablet devices. Read more here.

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