Business Publishers See Growing Opportunity On LinkedIn, Twitter Testing A New Product Called “Stickers”

Global digital news - LinkedIn is encouraging users to spend more time scrolling through the feed, a move to benefit publishers, Twitter testing “Stickers” that will allow you to affix graphics right onto any photo before you tweet, and more

Zara pulls ‘gluten free’ graphic shirt amid outrage it trivializes disease: Zara is discovering that gluten-free community isn’t full of laughs. The fashion brand has pulled a T-shirt from shelves that read “Are you gluten free?,” a misfired joke intended to mock the diet fad. Yet, some people felt the shirt was offensive because cutting out the ingredient is a life-saving necessity for those with celiac disease.

Facebook appoints new Head of Indonesia: Facebook has appointed Sri (Wido) Widowati as Head of Indonesia. She will lead Facebook’s business efforts in Indonesia, providing counsel and support to local and global brands and agencies in the country.

IAB offers tactical advice for publishers tackling viewability: To help publishers address the nitty-gritty activities involved in implementing ad viewability, the IAB published a primer with tactical tips and best practices on Tuesday. The primer focuses on what publishers can do on the ad tech side of the business, including managing relationships with vendors, agencies and advertisers.

Adobe Is Creating a Data Co-Op to Compete With Google and Facebook: Today, Adobe announced a service for marketers that harnesses the collective power of connected devices to better reach consumers and better compete with data strongholds like Google and Facebook. It’s called the Device Co-op.

Expedia Builds a Gorgeous VR Room to Help Sick Kids Travel the World: Imagine a young girl stuck in a hospital for months—or years—finally getting to live out her fantasy of roaming with wild horses on an Argentine plain. One girl did, in a manner of speaking, thanks to “Dream Adventures,” a new campaign from online travel agency Expedia.

French publishers fight back en masse against the ad blockers: To fight ad blocking, publishers are finding strength in numbers. Urged by the French online publishing trade body Geste, a group of French publishers is trialling a week-long experiment to deter ad blockers, starting Monday March 21.

Business Publishers See Growing Opportunity On LinkedIn: LinkedIn is no Facebook, but it is a growing source of referral traffic for publishers. And as it turns to sponsored updates for more of its revenue, LinkedIn is encouraging users to spend more time scrolling through the feed – a move that will only benefit publishers posting content in that feed.

Twitter looking to see if stickers are right for its future: Twitter may be jumping into the stickers game. The company is testing a new product called “Stickers” that will allow you to affix these graphics right onto any photo before you tweet them out. What’s more, it’s said that there’ll also be a feature that suggests other edits that have been made to the same photo, likely to encourage users to participate in furthering a meme.