Budstation: The Perfect Facebook Contest From Budweiser India

About Budweiser India Facebook campaign, Budstation and how it is the perfect Facebook app


There’s never been a good time for Budweiser India fans than now. Budweiser is giving away a fully paid trip to Las Vegas in which you can take two of your friends as well! All a fan needs to do is share moments with her friends through photos, videos, stories and tweets at the Budstation and earn points.

About Budstation

You can enter the Budstation through a Facebook app but great times await you only after you ‘like’ the page.  Now that you truly are a fan, the app welcomes you with an intro page. Click on ‘get started’ to enter the Budstation. And while you await the Budstation to load,  a bottle of bud shines in Las Vegas style, giving you a live update of the percentage loaded. The video ‘Gateway to Epicness’ is a beautiful one explaining the concept of Budstation.

Before you can ‘Register now’, do have a look at the tabs. ‘Home’ gives you the theme of the month and all the entries are showcased below. ‘About’ is a summarised text about Budstation. ‘My Tab’ is the one you should be really bothered about because it decides where you stand. ‘Prizes’ is a visual representation of all the prizes. ‘Entries’ displays all the types of entries and ‘Leaderbud’ displays the leading scorers with their details.

The ‘My Tab’ is further categorised into ‘My Epic Wall’, ‘Badges Unlocked’, Prizes Won’, and ‘My Score’. On the right panel, you can see your rank, total points and the breakup of the bud points. Check out ‘How to score’ at the bottom if you need to know it. Finally, register with Budstation through a simple form that is smart enough to pull in your details from your Facebook account.

You can also invite your friends through the ‘invite’ option in each of the tabs. Besides, you can share or tweet about this amazing contest through the links at the bottom. And yes, do not forget to go through the Terms & Conditions.

How cool is Budstation?

It’s awesome. In fact it has done a Nadia Comaneci in the world of Facebook contests!  If I were to rate this on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a perfect 10. Budweiser, which has long been known for its creative campaigns, can now add another crown to its logo for having run the perfect contest on Facebook. Let’s dive right in to know why:

Budstation is perfectly aligned with brand message: A brand that signifies friends, sharing and celebrations has merged all these qualities seamlessly through Budstation. Inviting your fans to share their awesome memories with their gang of friends and the concept of awarding points for the shares is a fantastic idea for promoting a brand on Facebook. The network is primarily for friends, family and fun and Budstation complements this beautifully.

Besides, being a ‘like’ campaign, it helps build a relevant community too.

Offers relevant prizes:  The winner and two friends win a trip to Las Vegas - a place that signifies fun with friends. Weekly prizes are Budweiser pendrives, poker sets, gym bags and signature glasses. Monthly prizes are electric guitar, soccer kit and NBA kit. How much more ‘relevant’ and ‘relatable’ can prizes be!

Beautiful design, execution and user experience:  It is not easy to pack in so much into an app and still not deviate from creating a fun experience for the fan. The well laid out tabs, lively layout and colours make up for a good visual appeal.  Displaying all entries, prizes and announcing winners on the app is cool. The makers have given a thought to execution and navigation from the shoes of the user.

Registration for users is simplified as the app pulls up your details from your Facebook account. Even when you submit your entries, there is always an option. For instance, when you need to upload a video, the app provides YouTube as well as Facebook.

Abides by Facebook guidelines: It allowed me to proceed with the app despite me skipping the permissions. It’s being run on an app and also announces winners on the app. It has an extensive Terms & conditions sheet that leaves no room for doubt apart from stating about intellectual property rights and copyright laws. The video on the home page does not auto-play.  Facebook guidelines are designed to respect users and Budstation does that exactly!

Provides the steps to participate: That ‘How to score’ link gives the steps. Besides, there is ample details in the T&C also.

Employs Facebook ‘virality’ features: It has both ‘Share’ and ‘Invite’ features incorporated into the app. These are small but significant features to help your campaign gain more visibility.

Well debugged: Budstation did not allow me to submit invalid entries. It had a smart check on all the time. Besides, I saw an update on the wall at the time when Budstation was down and fans were being notified about the same. I have yet to come across a brand that does that when its Facebook app is down. Apps do conk off upon extra load and the best thing you can do while you are at repairing it is to communicate this to your fans.

Budstation sets a good example unlike ‘The Big Time’ which was based on a social reality TV show by the same name. The campaign tried to connect the Indian audience to a foreign reality show and build engagement.

Have you entered the Budstation yet? Do share what you feel about it?