#Budget2013 Occupies Twitter Trends All Day

#Budget2013 have occupied the Twitter all day and in addition to that #Chidambaram, “Nirbhaya Fund" and SUVs have been the other budget related hashtags that have been trending on Twitter

Twitter trends depict the daily story of a country and India is no exception. The point of discussion could be of any magnitude but if it is trending on Twitter today then it becomes a matter of concern. We saw recently when Blackberry released it’s new model, the price factor was severely criticized. Similarly, we also had the Rail Budget announced with ‘Free Wifi’ trending the entire day making it clear that India has not taken the incentive seriously. Yesterday, February 28th, 2013 was the Budget Day for India and it followed the same pattern of trending.

The budget was presented by Finance Minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram for the eighth time before the house and it has already been labeled as a flop budget by all sections. The media and the pundits have trashed it and have tagged the Budget of 2013-14 as having low ambition and risk. However, the first reactions were out on Twitter and hence #Budget2013 has been trending all day. The budget has been canned by the tweeps; view some of the curated tweets:


What India thinks about the budget 2013, a curated list of tweets.

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Wonderful. We cant stop rapes, crimes against women. But we want to open a bank for women. As if women cant use normal banks! #Budget2013Pritish Nandy
If ur ship is leaking and threatening 2 sink, u cannot b afraid of taking life saving measures. India #Budget2013Shekhar Kapur
Don’t eat out. Don’t smoke. Don’t use smartphones. It’s almost like FM stands for Father-Mother. #Budget2013Shreyas
Cigarettes costlier. Now they should run “Smoking is dangerous to your health and budget” during movies. #Budget2013Faking News
Apt pic.. Explains how a womens’ bank would do no good #Budget2013 http://pic.twitter.com/GNFAxSleqaNancy Desai
#Budget2013 in a "Nut"Shell http://pic.twitter.com/nBqgAUyg1dTheFrustratedIndian
One minute silence for all the economics students who will have to answer #Budget2013 related questions in their exams next month.Sapan V
#Budget2013 Couldn’t have been depicted in a better way! Ha ha! #LifeOfChi http://pic.twitter.com/xUdfNeLCdgAbhishek Pandey
#Budget2013 – for those who don’t understand it yet http://pic.twitter.com/zHGZlRuQvzparasmani

Interestingly #Budget2013 was not the only hashtag that was dominating the trends on Twitter (It is still trending at the top while I am writing this article). Hashtags such as #Chidambaram, Nirbhaya Fund, SUVs, Rs 1 have been the other ones that have dominated the Twitter trends all day. Clearly the day on Twitter was dominated by Budget 2013, what it will be and how effective is it. Meanwhile here is the other set of curated funny tweets from the hashtags – #Chidambaram, “Nirbhaya Fund” and SUVs.

#Chidambaram, Nirbhaya Fund and Suvs Trending On Twitter Along With #Budget2013

Along with #Budget2013, #Chidambaram, Nirbhaya Fund and Suvs have been trending all day.

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Milk the rich but only for a year coz we don’t know where UPA will be next year! rush to the rich for cash #Chidambaram #Budget2013Shivnath Thukral
A third of the money #Chidambaram talked about in #Budget2013 will head for Swiss banks and mattresses. We should have a #BlackMoneyBudgetAbhijit Majumder
Credit to #Chidambaram for always managing to sound like he’s just done all of us a favour. #Budget2013Shiv Aroor
So #Chidambaram is doing a Gangnam Style on Times Of India page 2. #TOI #Budget2013 #Bangalore #TheekHai #Achchebande http://pic.twitter.com/HEcIEOh9SdBiraj Deb
Nirbhaya Fund
I feel safe now! “@alphabetiya: If they equally divide the Nirbhaya fund among all Indian women, we’d roughly get 16 rupees, 90 paise each.”Meena Kandasamy
Nirbhaya fund is like giving ice-cream for tooth-ache while doing nothing to remove the rotting tooth!Priya James
Why only Nirbhaya fund? What about the poor girl from #Suryanelli ? Will she ever get justice let alone "fund"?Tinu Cherian Abraham
There will be loads of heartburn on TV channels today. Not Damini, not Amanat but Nirbhaya Fund!! Times Now will claim it gave Chiddu d ideaSucheta Dalal
Goddamn true. RT @shwetapunj: Nirbhaya fund for women safety! Why do we need a fund for something that we already pay taxes for? #Budget2013Shiv Aroor
#Budget2013 Making imported bikes, SUVs & yachts more expensive is going to have far-reaching effects. On the budget for Dhoom 3.Ramesh Srivats
Following the definition of luxury phone as "above Rs 2,000", PC now plans to redefine "big car" as "above Rs 1 lakh"Prasanto K Roy
"SUVs occupy greater space on roads & parking space." Excise duty increased from 27 to 30%. Except those registerd as taxis. SVP #Budget2013Siddharth V Patankar