For World Coffee Week, Bru Adds A Hue Of Coffee To Your Favourite Pictures With #BRUPortraits

For World Coffee Week celebration, coffee brand Bru from HUL launched #BRUPortraits where fans could send in their memorable pictures while Bru would add a hue of coffee to them


A lot can brew over coffee other than conversations. And brands in the beverage business are quite savvy to that. In celebration of World Coffee Week, Bru - the coffee brand from the house of Hindustan Unilever Limited, launched an endearing social media campaign called ‘BRUPortraits’, that was set to brew engagement with fans and followers on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter networks.

Brewing #BRUPortraits

As part of the 3-day celebration, fans could send in their memorable pictures while Bru would add a hue of coffee to them. All one had to do was use the hashtag #BRUPortraits, while tweeting with their favourite pictures to the Bru Twitter handle. I shared my most memorable picture too and within a few hours was treated to a beautiful coffee painted version of it with a special caption, one that will always remind me of Bru every time I look at it.

The fun celebrations were also carried out at the brand’s 507K strong Facebook page as well. Fans could cherish the best moments of their life with a freshly brewed touch of coffee. They just had to add the hashtag while sharing their memorable pictures. All the pictures in #BRUPortraits now adorn an album of the same name, making it a memorable celebration with fans.

Interestingly, fans were geared up a few days prior to the World Coffee Week celebrations with teaser updates being announced on the social media channels. A virtual countdown started 5 days before with sample coffee-hued portraits in the wall updates.

Long term community bonding

BRUPortraits did not ask to be followed or liked. Nor did the campaign require you to retweet or tag your friends. There were no fancy incentives too. Still, it managed to stir our hearts and create a memorable brand recall with the lovely portraits. Apart from a having a lovely concept, #BRUPortraits was also well executed.

The 3-day campaign saw regular updates on the progress by way of which fans/ followers were informed about what is happening with the pictures they’ve sent and till what time the portrait making would close for the day. Besides, every #BRUPortrait was sent with a personalized message to the recipient, making it a special gift by the brand.

We tried to dig into a few social media metrics using Unmetric, the social media benchmarking tool for the 3 days beginning 25th September to 27th September 2013. Along with adding 92 new followers on Twitter, the hashtag #BruPortraits was seen in 189 tweets by the brand and 624 tweets made by Twitter users.


The hashtag also managed an engagement score of 920, along with #WorldCoffeeWeek making an engagement score of 1000. The engagement score is calculated as the average of all tweets made by Bru with the particular hashtag. On Facebook, Bru India added 2079 fans in the same 3-day period and had a higher growth rate (0.41%) than the average food/beverage Facebook pages (0.11%).

A smart campaign that leveraged social media beyond gaining numbers to creating a stronger bond with its online community. What do you think about #BRUPortraits?

Disclosure: Unmetric is an advertiser at LHI.