Fans Support Guatemala As The New Bru Exotica Coffee

by Vinaya Naidu on September 6, 2021


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Bru Exotica brings its next coffee from Guatemala through a Facebook search campaign.

Bru India, Hindustan Unilever’s coffee brand, has been on an extensive all-round campaign ever since the launch of its premium range of coffees - Bru Exotica. While the first set of the finest coffees came from Brazil, Colombia and Kilimanjaro, the new coffee origin ‘Guatemala’ has been selected by fans through a Facebook campaign.

The contest ‘Bru Exotica – Search for the next coffee origin’ was launched in June on the Facebook page of Bru India. Three characters Budi, Kiki and Rico representing each of the regions respectively - Sumatra, Ethiopia and Guatemala were created. The characters were employed to share stories about their region and give a taste of their coffee to the fans.

While Budi attributes his knowledge to the earthy and strong flavours of Sumatran coffee, Kiki believes that the fruity, refreshing flavours of Ethiopian coffee can turn any dull day, bright and Rico feels a sip of his sweet and flowery Guatemalan coffee can be really inspiring. Fans were asked to support them and help bring their coffee to India in which Guatemala has won with the highest percentage of support. For the fans, there were weekly goodie bags to be won!

Bru Exotica’s search for the next coffee origin Facebook app

The contest to search for the next Bru Exotica was launched on an interesting app. Participation was open exclusively to fans alone and hence it helped the brand increase its fan base.


The app has been designed quite tastefully with a combination of photographs and exotic graphics. It’s been neatly divided into five sections - Home, Budi, Kiki, Rico, Show your support and Leaderboard. While ‘Home’ tab gives you a quick snapshot of the different characters and their coffee, the individual tabs help you explore each of them in their homeland.

For instance, if you click on Kiki’s tab, you are welcomed to the Ethiopian coffee and Ethiopia in the form of videos, interesting trivia and snapshots of the region and lifestyle. Fans showed their support by following the instructions given in the ‘Show your support’ tab while Leaderboard gave an idea of who is leading. Here’s a video sung by Rico promoting the Guatemalan coffee:

Campaign positives: 

Bru Exotica has already created a high brand recall by roping in Bollywood celebrities, Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in a series of TVCs when it launched last year. With this extended search campaign, the brand has hit a hattrick of sorts - Increase relevant fan count, create buzz for the new launch and get fans to ‘own’ the brand. I believe that brands of the future are the ones that co-create along with their community.

In addition, I remember reviewing an interesting hunt for the greatest coffee lover as a grand Facebook campaign by Bru Exotica in the beginning of this year. The two-month campaign saw weekly winners for an extensive quiz about coffee and its history, where the highest scorer in all the weekly challenges won the bumper prize of a trip to Brazil or Mt. Kilimanjaro. Weekly prizes were Bru Exotica hampers and Bru World Café merchandise.

These campaigns surely help build a community of coffee lovers.

Campaign points to ponder on:

The Facebook page has more than 350K fans with the most popular age group being in the 18-24 years age group. This makes me wonder how many of them would be the key decision makers in the house. For a product that is priced between 300-600 for 100 gms, Bru Exotica is certainly an exorbitant spend for the 18-24 year group but might succeed to appeal to the elite coffee connoisseurs in the older categories.

This is often the case with most Facebook communities in India having 18-24 as the most popular age group. While this age group can always afford for a regular coffee, some movies, music and economic phone plans, they might find it tough with expensive products meant for daily consumption. Nevertheless, these young communities will reap benefits only in the coming years and for that brands need to prepare them today!

I am impressed with Bru Exotica bringing in a new exotic coffee with the support of its community. What do you think?

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