Bru Exotica Greatest Coffee Lover Facebook Contest

A Review of the Bru Exotica Greatest Coffee Lover Facebook Contest


Are you a true coffee devotee? Do you think you know everything about coffee ever since it was discovered? Then this is the time for you to encash all your coffee knowledge to win a trip to Brazil or Mt. Kilimanjaro! Bru, the popular coffee company has started a challenge on Facebook called ‘India’s Greatest Coffee Lover’.  All you have to do is answer a few questions and the one true coffee devotee will win the trip and the less lucky ones stand a chance to win exclusive Bru Exotica hampers and Bru World Café merchandise every week. Now isn’t that exciting?

Bru Exotica Greatest Coffee Lover
Bru Exotica Greatest Coffee Lover Facebook contest

“India’s Greatest Coffee Lover” is an exclusive contest for its fans so if you want to participate in it, then you need to like the brand. Once you click on the ‘Enter contest’ button, you are redirected to an app. The app will ask whether it can post content on your behalf to which you can always disallow and skip ahead to enter the contest. This was a good thing to me, as most of the Facebook apps we have reviewed on our site do not allow the fan to go ahead if she does not allow the app to post updates on her behalf.

Bru Exotica Greatest Coffee Lover
8 Week Search for the Greatest Coffee Lover

The ‘Leader Board’ button  opens up a list ranked score-wise along with the name and photo of the leaders. The ‘Winners’ button shows a list of the weekly winners. I gave my answers for the week 4 set of questions and was curious to see how I had fared. But I couldn’t find my scores. However, I was invited to take the next week’s challenge. Besides, I could also participate in all the previous 3 challenges. The weekly winners are determined on the basis of maximum scores made in minimum time for all right answers. There are eight weekly challenges in all and the highest scorer in all of the challenges wins the bumper prize.

I don’t know my scores but this Facebook app is set to score full marks in terms of concept design and execution. It always helps if the campaign developers stick to their objective and in this case the objective has been well aligned. It is an exclusive campaign for it’s Facebook fans with a strong incentive attached for consumers of the product, that is all coffee lovers. This way the contest ensures reaching out to the right target group and building a strong community of coffee lovers.

Brands would do much better on Facebook if they simply stick to the rules of engagement unlike Nescafe which we had reviewed recently. Nescafe could have done better in terms of the contest that they had run with Deepika Padukone. It’s good to see that Bru Exotica not only has an interesting contest aligned to it’s objective but also keeps fans glued on the Facebook page for longer duration. So if you love your coffee and want to try your luck, do visit the contest page and remember to google out the answers fast!