British Airways & Boeing Take Grandchildren And Grandparents On A Dream London Vacation

British Airways' #WingstoDream contest invited people to send over pictures with their grandparents for a chance to fly to London. A film has been made on the winning families capturing their joy and tears

BA Boeing wingstodream

When it comes to wooing Indians, nothing can beat ‘emotions and love for family’. A story around family relationships always works wonders and in the social media age, it is these stories that drive the likes, shares and comments. British Airways (BA) is one airline that’s been appealing to our emotional side in its communication campaigns.

The importance of family plays a key role in its ad films targeting India. The country also happens to be the second largest market for British Airways outside the United States and the United Kingdom.

In 2013, the airline had launched ‘Visit Mum’ campaign, where an Indian mother talks about how much she misses her son in America, who has been living in NYC ever since he was 17. During the course of the film, she cooks her son’s favourite childhood meal ‘Bhindi (okra) parantha‘ for BA to fly to him in New York, but ends up being surprised when BA brings her son instead.

The film to promote the route network between India and the US, received an overwhelming response on social media. The video has over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

BA repeated the social media buzz again in 2014 with its “Go further to get closer” campaign. This time the focus was on a married couple.

A 5-minute film portrayed the beautiful love story of a married Indian couple of 3 years who despite loving each other, never really have found the time to know each other. Work pressures coupled with the responsibilities of living with parents and taking care of them, had left them with little time for each other.

BA surprises them with an all-expense paid trip to London. The video has garnered over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

The airline has once again embarked on an emotional route with the focus now on grandparents. As part of its heavy investments into new aircraft and services for customers, BA introduced the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft to fly the London – Delhi route.

And for the promotions, it ran the ‘#WingstoDream’ contest that invited people to send over pictures with their grandparents for a chance to make their dream holiday come true. Participants also needed to share a reason as to why their grandparent deserved to fly. The contest winners took the debut flight from Delhi to London last month.

The airliner has launched a 3-minute film on two of the winning families. Conceptualized by SapientNitro, it captures some of the touching moments between grandchildren who surprised their grandparents with a trip to London.


The airline has been making use of its social media pages to share about the #WingstoDream contest and its winners. Scrolling through the hashtag takes you to user submissions.

A storytelling win!

British Airways makes a good case for storytelling in the digital age. It beautifully captures the emotions of joy and care amongst families, be it a mother and her son, a wife and her husband or a grandfather and his grandson. Celebrating the magic of family always works in India, and these are stories of real people, so that makes it even more special and memorable.

BA acting as an enabler in giving wings to peoples’ dreams of flying is helping the airline build stronger bonds in the country. It’s adorable and impressive to see grandchildren be able to take their grandparents on a dream London vacation, courtesy BA!