#UnlockTheMagic: An Exclusive Twitter Pre-launch For Britannia Pure Magic Choco Lush

Pure Magic Choco Lush, Britannia's premium cream centre filled biscuit saw an exclusive Twitter launch where users received golden keys to redeem their biscuit packs before it touched retail shelves


The premium cream biscuits category is pegged at INR 1500 in the country. About 10% of this is filled with premium chocolate centre filled biscuits. Biscuit major, Britannia Industries wants to redefine this centre fills cream segment with the launch of its new premium chocolate centre filled biscuit, ‘Pure Magic Choco Lush’. It is a long, crispy biscuit with a melting Belgian choco-centre, priced at INR 30 for a 75 grams pack.

The new TVC created by McCann Bangalore throws light on the pure magic happening around you, when you are indulging in the choco experience.

A girl is seen walking through the town with a wooden box in her hand. A woman walks up to her and whispers softly, ‘Unlock the magic’ while handing her a key and unlocking the wooden box in her hand. The box vanishes to reveal the Pure Magic Choco Lush biscuit pack, and golden magical dust starts spreading everywhere.

She takes a bite of the cream centre and music starts playing. A woman starts singing while the town gets magically elevated to a happy town.


The premium centre filled biscuit was exclusively pre-launched on Twitter last month. Users were invited to #UnlockTheMagic with their golden key. Golden keys or 7-digit alpha numeric codes were given away for a number of activities like following the brand’s Twitter handle, asking a friend to follow the handle, retweeting the tweets made by the brand, answering questions, completing sentences, etc.

The golden key had to be entered onto the website (Unlock pure magic) along with name, address and mobile number, to receive the biscuit pack before it went on retail shelves.

Delighted receivers shared their choco experience online:

Innovative pre-launches for a millennial generation

The #UnlockTheMagic campaign which went live for 5 days on Twitter, garnered more than 100 million impressions with a unique reach of 5 million, reports the Business Standard. The Twitter handle is engaging fans with its #SpreadTheMagic initiative now where users can mention their friends with whom they want to spread the magic and also the reason.

Good Day Chunkies, Britannia’s premium cookie spread a #ChunkySurprise this January by sending a surprise pack of cookies to a select target base on Twitter. That too was a first-of-its-kind initiative by any FMCG player in the country, like #UnlockTheMagic.

With this new cream filled centre biscuit, Britannia has expanded its premium biscuit offerings and also managed to successfully create a distinct brand recall with the exclusive pre-launch on Twitter. By giving away product trials, the brand built a consumer base as well as a load of user generated content by the happy receivers.