How Britannia NutriChoice’s Nutrijig Campaign Leveraged RCB To Promote A Fun Way To Healthy Living This IPL

This IPL, India's top health brands, Britannia NutriChoice launched 'Nutrijig' as a concept that signifies a “fun and healthy” way to live, in association with RCB. Users created over 200 jig videos and downloaded over 22K posters

Britannia NutriChoice (BNC) is one of India’s top health brands leading a change by promoting and providing healthy eating options without compromising on taste. NutriChoice has come up with a range of healthy snacks that can meet a wide consumer taste palette. To further strengthen the health brand’s proposition that good health can be fun, it introduced ‘Nutrijig’ in association with IPL team, Royal Challengers Bangalore this IPL season.

The concept of Nutrijig was to signify a “fun and healthy” way to live by engaging with consumers during the IPL. For this, BNC teamed up with creative digital agency, Experience Commerce for a campaign that enabled consumers to experience a fun way to healthy living.

The problem

BNC Nutrijig’s campaign aim was twofold:

a. Build up on the brand proposition of ‘Good health can be great fun’ and build awareness around the same with ‘ownable’ branded content assets like RCB player ‘Jig’ videos and posters.

b. Leverage Britannia’s association with RCB during IPL , which would lead to increased user conversations and a higher engagement by celebrating brand fans and their content submissions.

The strategy

The first step was to identify audience clusters for a content strategy. Users were categorized according to intent. Those who seek entertainment online, those who are social media junkies, usual contest mongers or die hard cricket fans ready to lap up all IPL-related content. The next step was to use this intent to create solid branded content strategy. A ‘NutriJig ‘ webpage was created for the campaign which was integrated into Britannia’s ihealthU website. The campaign ran for 10 days with #Nutrijig and #iNutrijigwitbRCB being the contest hashtags.

Next was to attract fans with a “Nutrijig “contest. For the contest, users were asked to record a ‘jig’ and upload it either through a YouTube link or on BNC’s Facebook timeline or directly on the website. Winners were flown to Bangalore to meet and got a chance to do the jig with team RCB.

In addition to the main contest, 7​50 Nutrijig fans and participants were given autographed RCB jerseys. Users had to tweet about the time they loved to do the jig with a “#iNutrijigwhen” hashtag to win the jerseys.

Further to attract users and create higher engagement, fans could get autographed RCB posters by simply tweeting about the hashtag or downloading them via the website.



Interesting jig videos featuring RCB team players featured on the website and BNC’s social pages, kept the fans visits to the brand’s digital assets high and their interest in the contest increasing.

The results

To start with the RCB branded content (downloadable posters) got the brand the much needed eyeballs and the necessary site traffic. The big contest prize lured fans into participating actively in the contest and sharing content socially, increasing the campaigns reach.

A total of 200+ jig videos were uploaded on the website itself with 22k posters were downloaded and the social pages received around 1400+ user comments.

Key Lessons

NutriJig as a campaign concept worked for BNC. A content strategy aligned with an innate user interest around cricket, helped build a large “Nutrijig” community.

Through the contest the BNC brand could not just increase user conversations but also make the users ’live’ the brand’s philosophy of healthy living in a fun way. To inculcate such brand belief and drive high brand recall is normally a difficult goal for brands but BNC did a good job with the “Nutrijig” contest idea.