#SmileMoreForAGoodDay - Britannia Good Day uses strategic content marketing to woo the millennial consumer

#SmileMoreForAGoodDay has made good use of content marketing and influencers that lends an air of contemporaneity to the 29-year-old brand looking to woo the millennial consumer


The wise ones have said, “Smile and the world smiles back at you, weep and you weep alone.” Now one brand is on a mission of spreading only smiles around.

Last August, Britannia Good Day underwent a major brand revamp with a contemporary new logo and packaging. The nearly three-decade-old cookie whose straight lined ridges turned curvy, resembling a smile, evolved from the idea, ‘Have a good day’ to ‘It’s a smile that makes it a good day’. The new avatar was established through a strategic integrated campaign that leveraged online as well as offline media to spread the importance of a smile. (Read: #SmileForAGoodDay: Britannia Good Day is on an infectious mission of spreading smiles).

Almost a year later, the popular biscuit brand has roped in the country’s most popular actress Deepika Padukone as the face of the brand. Deepika, armed with her dimpled smile and a portfolio of successful films, personifies the new brand philosophy and will further help in reinforcing the importance of smiling more often.

Good Day has now launched “Smile More For a Good Day” with a TVC conceptualized by McCann Erickson where Deepika acts as a catalyst in sparking smiles around her.

As the smiling neighbourhood girl, she compels others glued to their phones and other distractions to make eye contact with a bright smile. At one point, she misses her bus and is sitting at the bus stop disappointed, when she finds a Good Day pack with a smile. A little girl walks up to her, gesturing her to smile. Throughout the ad film, a background track - Ek Smile De Zara Muskura, emphasizes the need to smile more.

On social media, Good Day began spreading the word with an innocuous question, “Do we smile enough? Users were asked to type it into Google and share their answers. The activity might come across as an unnecessary one, but once you type it, you would know for yourself. Smile is a powerful psychological tool and the science behind smiling tells you its infectious and makes the other to smile back at you.

The idea was further emphasized with simple visuals.

The campaign also leveraged influencers from various walks of life to amplify the new brand philosophy. Comedian Kanan Gill, cricketer Virendra Sehwag, celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, youth icon Rannvijay Singha tech show anchor Rajiv Makhni, among others participated in spreading the word on social media.

Instead of mindless sharing of the TVC, these celebrity visuals made one ponder about the lack of more smiles in our life. The creative seems to have been crafted for each celebrity as per the influence they command. Moreover, the concepts are relevant to the times we live in: using smiley emojis on our smartphone chatting but no smiles in real life!


The brand then indulged in connecting back to the TVC message with an array of visuals that reflected the social media age we live in. Want a status message that is ‘liked’ by everyone, want your content to go viral, or just someone to accept your friend request. Good Day tells you how!

Smile for a good day ver 2.0

The seeds of the new campaign have been planted well. ‘Smile more for a good day’  plays well as a sequel to its major brand overhaul last year with the central philosophy of ‘Smile for a good day.’ The addition of Deepika not only helps personify the brand message but also lends an air of contemporaneity to the 29-year-old brand looking to woo the ever-evolving consumer.

#SmileMoreForAGoodDay has made good use of content marketing to convey the new brand philosophy. Visual content has been crafted keeping in mind the shorter attention spans and increasing smartphone usage. Moreover, influencer marketing has not indulged in mindless amplification of the ad film. Each influencer has shared a contextually relevant visual underlining the central theme - Smile more.

The relaunch campaign last year made a significant boost in brand perception and sales with its range of activities both online and offline, and a smart leverage of World Smile Day. (Read: Digital Marketing Case Study Britannia Good Day Relaunch). Looking forward to what the brand has in store this October on World Smile Day.