#SmileForAGoodDay: Britannia Good Day Is On An Infectious Mission Of Spreading Smiles

Britannia Good Day has revamped as a smiley cookie that is infectiously spreading smiles. The brand has invited people to share their smiles, built a smile hoarding and a metro slide

good day smile slide

Like all other adults we don’t smile that often, especially in public places. Unlike children who smile and laugh most of the time, we don’t even smile at each other. But, one brand has set out to make this straight, or rather make it curvy. The brand wants us to smile as often as we should for our wellbeing, and that is all the time.

Ever since Britannia’s Good Day cookie has had a brand makeover this August, it has been spreading smiles in creative ways. The nearly three-decade-old cookie whose straight lined ridges have turned curvy, resembling a smile, evolved from ‘Have a good day’ to ‘It’s a smile that makes it a good day’.

The cookie brand has since been adding smiles in all its content pieces on social media, including the visuals created for festive occasions. Read “Britannia’s Good Old Good Day Revamps As A ‘Smiley’ Cookie”.

On the occasion of ‘World Smile Day’, first Friday of October, the brand kickstarted an infectious mission of spreading smiles. People were invited to use #SmileForAGoodDay or log into the microsite to share more smiles. For every smile sent in, the brand donated a pack of Good Day Cookies to The Akshaya Patra Foundation, a non-profit organisation that runs a school lunch programme across India.

Good Day used social media to spread the word. It took the help of social media influencers to reach out on digital; as they say, a smile is infectious and will always attract another smile. Celebrities included band members of Swarathma, comedian and actor Ashwin Mushran, RJ Danish Sait, food influencers Monika Manchanda and Adarsh Munjal, acclaimed Illustrator Alicia Souza and many more.

Good Day also indulged in spreading smiles in the real world. At Vashi in Mumbai, it created a smile hoarding, where passersby could flash their smile onto a giant hoarding. The hashtag #SmileForAGoodDay is tracking all the smiles being spread on social media.

Visuals being shared by the brand’s social media pages feature a Good Day cookie along with a happy news.

In another innovative idea to improve India’s ranking on the Global Happiness Index which is a dismal 117 out of 158, the brand installed a slide at one of the exits at a Bangalore metro station. A signboard read ‘Take the left exit for smiles’.

And sure enough, the slide welcomed people with smiles. Not a single adult standing atop the slide could hide their smile on their way down. The video captures their before and after faces really well, to drive home the point.

Spreading smiles the inspired way

This is massive buzz by Good Day after it donned the new ‘smiley’ avatar. Competing in the premium cookie market with a share of 70%, which is being claimed by major FMCG brands like ITC, is no easy task. The addition of smiley has truly added on to the concept of a Good Day. The association with a mid-day meal provider like Akshaya Patra Foundation is a win-win CSR initiative. It has helped establish the Good Day cookie as an enabler of smiles while also adding a positive brand image.

Sharing visuals on social media featuring the Good Day cookie in creative ways further adds an appeal to the biscuit brand, and builds its own identity, much like Oreo from Mondelez Foods. The Oreo cookie enjoys its own space on social media in the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Offline initiatives like the smile hoarding and the metro slide are cool additions to the campaign. Though the metro slide concept seems to be inspired from Volkswagen’s Fast Lane campaign where the auto giant built a slide next to a flight of stairs at the Alexanderplatz subway station in Berlin, so commuters could save their time.