How Graffiti Collaborative’s Relaunch Of Britannia Good Day Made A Significant Boost In Its Perception & Grew Sales By 23% M-o-M

Case study by Graffiti Collaborative on the digital relaunch campaign for Britannia Good Day, wherein the agency executed a massive 360 degree integrated campaign

good day smile slide

The Client: Britannia Good Day

The Agency: Graffiti Collaborative

Problem Statement

Britannia Good Day is an INR 20,000M brand selling 70lakh packs every day. It is also one of the most cherished brands in India. While Good Day continued to grow strongly and expand its franchise, it was a challenge for the brand to keep pace with the evolving consumer and remain relevant. Being the market leader, the brand had to raise the bar for itself on visual identity, product and brand experience.

Britannia Good Day in its biggest change, since its inception 28 years ago, brings alive its philosophy not just in the identity and packaging, but also on the cookie in the form of Smiles. With the contemporary new logo and packaging, Good Day’s intent is to bring freshness and enhance its appeal with the consumers. Even the cookie has been enhanced with more visible rich ingredients and best ever taste.

The challenge at hand was twofold:

(1) Communicate the new brand idea of “It’s a smile that makes a Good day”

(2) Register the new visual identity and product experience change

Identified objectives

  • Establish the change in visual identity
  • Communicate the new brand positioning of “It’s a smile that makes a Good day”
  • Make the brand relevant for new age customers


360 degree communication plan – A communication plan was built using digital as the primary medium. The traditional mediums of print and television were used to support the digital plan and aligned back to the same. We used multiple digital platforms for Impact and continuity approaches.

Impact properties leveraged to rapidly communicate the change to a large Good Day franchise

- YouTube and Yahoo masthead and the MSN and Gaana roadblock

- 5 sec stings on YouTube

- YouTube pre-rolls with TVC to build multiplicity

Mediums used continuity approach to drive registry of the change elements

- Facebook with contextual messages leveraging the new visual identity

Leveraged Key festivals & occasions to drive home the new visual identity

- Twitter

- Instagram – Launched the channel for the brand

- Display banner ad network

Traditional mediums of hoarding, TVC, radio and activations were used to amplify the messaging and create a 360 degree reach – all integrated very strongly with digital.

Two phases of communication – The task of communicating change for a brand with a long past is always challenging. There is a high risk of alienating the customers. To make the process easier, we broke down the communication into two clear phases over 40 days.

The first phase was to communicate the initial visual identity change focusing on three primary items – logo change, pack change and product design change.

The second phase was to amplify the message of smile association with the brand. We used World Smile Day as the marquee calendar event to own smiles in India. This campaign was supported by surround activities like activations, videos, social media creatives – to reinforce the message.

Mix of high impact and repeated exposure properties/content – The launch communication and WSD campaigns were created around high impact properties like YouTube & Yahoo masthead and MSN & Gaana roadblocks. This was supported by multimedia content across channels for repeated exposure to register the smile association.


Phase I: Visual Identity Change

The larger theme of this phase of communication was ‘Har Cookie Mein Kayi Smiles’ – many smiles in every cookie. It lasted over ten days from 26th Aug – 5th Sep, 2015. Three focused creative concepts were developed to be used across channels – logo, cookie design and pack change.

High Impact properties as mentioned below were taken to maximise the reach of the communication.

  1. YouTube Masthead
  2. MSN Roadblock
  3. Gaana Roadblock

A total of 34.4M impressions were delivered through these properties with a 1m clickthroughs. The TVC for the identity change was first launched on digital and run for maximum reach and impressions amounting to 11M video views.

Other channels online were used to reinforce the message of change.

  1. Facebook creatives and gif videos
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube 5 sec bumper ads – It was a breakthrough for any brand to use bumper ads successfully to communicate brand relaunch. All three concept of logo, cookie and pack change were run providing a total of 66M impressions. The results were phenomenal and was made into a Google case study.
  4. Display Ad networks

Phase II: World Smile Day

World Smile Day is celebrated internationally on the first Friday of October – 2nd Oct, 2015. BGD brought the celebration closer to home. We used WSD as the biggest marketing event of 2015 building brand relevance with smile.


A startling fact was discovered during our research on the relaunch: India ranks 117 on World Happiness Index – lower than some of our neighbours! We believe that smile is a manifestation of happiness. And if Indians started smiling more, we could make a humble attempt in improving India’s Happiness Quotient!


We decided to ride on the fact that Indian consumers are heavily influenced by celebrities. We roped in 9 social media influencers who are genuinely loving and smiling people. We used them as brand ambassadors to spread the awareness about World Smile Day and encourage Indians to smile more often!

We also built in more purpose to the campaign to spread smiles by tying up with The Akshaya Patra Foundation – the leading NGO providing mid day meals in schools across India. For every smile picture uploaded, we donated a pack of Good Day cookies to the foundation. This helped build a huge traction online and generated a lot of conversations associating the brand strongly with smiles.

The communication is also supported by ongoing topical messaging building a brand recall around smiles across channels.

We did on ground activations during this phase to reiterate the message. On Ganesh Chaturthi, we created a Ganesha idol made of Good Day cookies. We also put up a slide at a busy metro station in Bangalore to make adults smile like children.


At the end of the 40 days period, the brand saw a significant boost in its performance and perception. Considering that the focus of communication after rebrand has primarily been on digital, it is safe to assume that a large part of the result for the brand has been driven by the initiatives on the digital medium. These are some of the overall larger goals achieved

  • Brand perception score on ‘Premium & attractive’ went up from 65 to 70
  • The rebrand communication resulted in m-o-m sales growth of 23% as opposed to 18% in the last 6 months
  • Market share went back up for the first time in 6 months since April 2015

Specific channel related result:

  • Facebook
  1. Organic Fans added in 40 days: 12,293 fans
  2. World Smile Day:
    • WSD – 261,505 engaged users over 3 days
    • Reach – 5.7M over 3 days
    • Impressions – 6.2M over 3 days
    • Video Views – 346k over 3 days
  •  Twitter
    1. Organic followers added over 40 days – 841
    2. World Smile Day:
      • Reach – 13.27M over 3 days
      • Trended on World Smile Day for 8 hours straight with 5 hours in No. 1 position
      • Mentions – 13,199 mentions over 3 days

Considering 2nd October was a busy calendar day, we did lose our trending to IndvsSA in the evening. However, our one tweet brought back the trending! We capitalized on the match and its events and made it relevant for the brand.

  • YouTube
    1. World Smile Day
      • Video Impressions – 14.12L
      • Video Views – 2.75L
  • Microsite – World Smile Day
    • Page Views – 41,857
  •  Instagram
    • Followers added – 137
    • World Smile Day - Impressions – 524,388


Strategic integration of online and offline channels leads to a more cohesive communication strategy. Digital amplifies the message and acts as a media multiplier.

While influencer marketing is being used extensively, only a strategy led, result oriented campaign actually delivers results.