BringBQCBack, A Social Media Movement By Rahul Sethi

Rahul Sethi started this movement five months back by creating a facebook fan page 'Bring BQC back' which is know supported by Cadbury India.

A Fan's Support

If we ask you as a student what was the most promising show on the television. Among others we beleive that ‘Bournvita Quiz Contest’ hosted by Derek O’Brien would be one of them. Yuup we are talking about the show that is Indias longest running quiz show which went on to become popular largely because the host. But it has been off air for last four years but thanks to the social media movement created by 19 year old Rahul Sethi,a student of Sydenham; there are chances that the show will be back.

Rahul Sethi, started this movement five months back by creating a facebook fan page ‘Bring BQC back’ and within a month it had 10,000 likes and was well supported by all forms of social media. Within a month the movement caught Cadbury India’s eyes and seeing such an amazing response from the youth of India they joined the movement.


The Bring BQC Back Fan page

The ‘Bring BQC Back’ Fan page got a major haul after Cadbury joined the moevemnt. They gave the fan page the same look and feel that the show had. The fan page has 3 very intresting sections ‘Bring BQC Back’, ‘Hall of Fame’ and ‘Vote for Your School’.

  • ‘Bring BQC Back‘ is a section that offers you to spread the movement among your circle by sharing very cool BQC badges such as ‘Don’t be stupid bring BQC back’,’Bring sexy back,bring BQC back’, etc.
  • ‘Hall of Fame’ is showcasing the intelligent minds who went on to become the winners of BQC quiz.
  • ‘Vote for your School is a great way of voting and engaging. The idea is ‘if the BQC quiz starts again then which school is going to win’. A very great way of supporting the movement as well as your school. So you can vote for your school and if your school is not listed make sure that you submit the name of your school.

One has to admire the efforts of our local hero Rahul Sethi and Cadbury India who did great work in making the fan page lively and engaging. Today the fanpage has 164,507 ‘Likes’ and there are positve indications of the show coming on air pretty soon as confirmed by Narayan Sundararaman, Director for powdered beverages,gum&candy, Cadbury India.

“We are overwhelmed by the response to the movement on the Facebook page,” and “We are in the process of discussing the possibility of bringing BQC back on air soon with Derek O’Brien and some leading channels.”

Event the face of BQC Derek posted a tweet from his id quizderek,

“The team from Cadbury-Kraft will spend the day in our office today. Will certainly talk about #bringbackbqc on TV.

Hoping to see BQC back on our television screen and this small movement once again goes on to show how social media has the potential to change.