Breezer India Invites Fans To Create Their Own Breezer Symphony

Review of the Breezer Boombox Facebook campaign that allows you to create tunes, get likes and win prizes on Facebook.


Breezer, the alcohol brand from Bacardi is known for its colourful fruity flavours and the Breezer Symphony. I’m sure each of us has a personal favourite and identifies with that flavour alone; and in all probability, would like to create our own Breezer tune. How about that being possible now? In a bid to personify the multi colour spirit of Breezer, the brand has come up with a Breezer Boombox on its Facebook page, that allows fans to create their own 1 minute version of the Breezer Symphony!

Breezer Boombox

Breezer India launched the music-making app Breezer Boombox on Dec 1, 2021 on its Facebook page. To participate all you need to do is click on the ‘Breezer Boombox’ tab, like the page if you haven’t already and allow the app to give you access to it.

If you would like to understand the process of tune creation, check out the ‘Learn’ tab. When you are done click on the ‘Create’ tab. To start with, you need to select one of the three beats which would form the ‘backbone’ of your tune. The next step is to choose the melodies based on the 6 flavours of Bacardi Breezer. You can listen to them before adding them to your tune. The app also allows you to add variations of those melodies and pauses wherever you wish.

breezer_india_boombox facebook

Once you are done with it you can preview it, make changes if any, give it a name and save it. Your tune will be added to the list which you can also access through the ‘Listen’ tab. You can share your tune on your timeline and ask your friends to like it. The app also gives the option of downloading any of the created tunes.

The winners are decided on the basis of number of likes a tune receives. The prizes on offer are Skullcandy headphones for the weekly winners and Apple iPods for the monthly winners.

Does the campaign boom?

To begin with, the overall experience on the app was a good one. Every visual aspect of the app – the buttons, the background images of boomboxes and the interface on the whole – is taken good care of. The app is easy to navigate and you wouldn’t find yourself lost at any stage. The melodies that are provided create some excellent club music which actually aligns well with what Bacardi Breezer, the brand, is all about. One useful feature offered is the ability to download any of the tunes.

Despite all the above positives there are a few shortcomings as well. Initially, the app didn’t work properly on Mozilla Firefox, later it was a bit slow. At times, the ‘Create’ page did not download completely. As a matter of fact, it is a heavy app and so can be given some leeway on this aspect.

Though there is an option of inviting your friends on Facebook to create tunes, there should also have been a button to tweet your tunes. That way even Twitter users could have been brought onboard.

There is a clause in the Terms & Conditions which states that “There will be 10 winners selected once the contest gets over through a random draw of all the participants who answered the question(s) correctly. Participant can participate on any day during the contest duration but only one time.”

Firstly, there is nothing in the competition that involves questions and answers. It is purely about creating tunes and getting them ‘likes’. Secondly, there is no mention anywhere of what prizes these 10 winners would get. Thirdly, it means you can only participate once. But, at the moment, you can create more than one tune at any time!

Last but not the least, as mentioned earlier the selection criterion for the winners is the number of likes their tunes receive in a given period of time. But the catch here is you can like someone’s tune even without listening to it. As a result, there are a lot of tune submissions which have been liked more than the number of times they have been played!

Ideally the ‘like’ button should appear in the small window that opens up when you click to listen to a tune. That way only people who listen to the tune would get to like it.

Breezer India Boombox Likes Plays

Apart from these slip-ups, the app and the concept behind the app were brilliant.

So have you created your tune yet? Go ahead, do it and get them likes before the 31st of March. It’s not that difficult after all.