BraveNewTalent, Your Career Social Network

BraveNewTalent, Your Career Social Network

Finding a job is never easy today nor was it five years back. Few years back, if one needed to find a job then she had to go to job portals and try her luck. Most of the time you won’t find any job description or the resource manager would miss out the resume or worst case scenario at the interview place you are told that your skills are not what they are looking for. Well, you can’t blame the poor fellow who is sorting thousands of resumes daily. Later the boring job sites started getting competition from professional sites like LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc. In this race, LinkedIn has been the frontrunner. It not only has the strength of users globally but also has varied features to keep employers and employees glued to it. LinkedIn at times is too big and confusing for a person who only wants to find a job. To be fair, searching jobs is one of the reasons why we are on professional networks and BraveNewTalent, a career social network does that.

BraveNewTalent is a community where you follow recommended employers, unlock job opportunities, increase your professional network, build a strong one and get the job which you want. BraveNewTalent provides space for an employee and employer. So if you are an employee, you can either create your profile or sync with your LinkedIn profile. The striking feature in the profile page is the ‘Network reach’. It is a visual graph where you are shown the strength of your network, employers that you are connected with, the different industries that your network spans into and the various graduation schools your network went to. This kind of analysis really helps while finding a job. For example, if I am looking for a job in sales and the maximum percentage my network spans in is Banking, then it is time I need to analyze.

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‘Follow employers’ is another exciting feature where the product recommends some employers matching the profile that I have created. Following the employers not only gives me the details of the company but it also allows me to see all the jobs that the company has posted on my dashboard. The dashboard does a great job by pulling updates, blogs, videos, jobs and tweets relating to the company which helps me to see it’s social footprints.


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Apart from these features, there other features such as ‘Videos’ and ‘Answers’ that enhance the product. However, the bigger question is - are users ready to engage on another professional network and how has the response been from Indian employers. To resolve these queries, we spoke to Gautam Ghosh, Product and Marketing Manager of BraveNewTalent, India. The email interview which we did is shared below:

Gautam Ghosh

1. Gautam, thanks for talking to us. Can you share a bit about your work as Head, User Marketing and Product Evangelism in UK-based BraveNewTalent, India?

Well, my role is quite simple. It is to ensure that lots of users as well as employers start using BraveNewTalent in India .That means using paid, owned and earned media to get out our message and value proposition to both the stakeholders. Yes, that means I also do sales calls.

2. I have used little bit but I really don’t want to have another professional network. So how are you motivating Indian employees towards

BraveNewTalent is the only network where you can interact directly with an organization. A lot of Indian organizations have claimed their profiles on BraveNewTalent like TCS, Mphasis, Makemytrip, Wipro. We’re working on an awesome product upgrade that would really make it a career development hub for a jobseeker with skills based communities where employees and external talent will engage around those skills.

3. With other players in the professional/career social network market, how are you convincing Indian employers too?

The admin interface (which is available to all employers - even free ones!) enables them to segment and communicate with specific talent following them, which is something no other network has. The other big thing is that BraveNewTalent can be a social media hub for an employer - pulling in tweets and Youtube videos along with Jobs being posted by the employer, bringing it all together in one place for their talent community.

4. I guess this service is free for employees right now, how about for employers? And also how does plan to make money?

As I said even employers can use it free. If they want more features, they can upgrade to the premium version. We also have a Talent Words product which leverages Facebook’s API to attract specific demographics to an employer’s talent community. That is also a paid feature. Soon more options would come for Enterprise users like Application Tracking System integration and per recruiter license and an ability to white label the community.

5. Finally Gautam, you are also an influential person in Indian social media networks. What would be your advice for Startups/SME’s who are striving hard to make a presence on Social Media?

The big one is to understand why they want to be on “social media” - If they view it as a channel to broadcast then they will never be successful. The focus should be in defining whom they should listen to, and engage in conversations for a business end. That business end could be co-creation, feedback, customer service - even HR.


BraveNewTalent is an apt product for an employee who is looking for a job or plans to in the near future. So in the meanwhile, he keeps following employers and builds a network to grab the right opportunity. On the other hand, Employers are trying better ways to recruit people and social media is providing a great platform too. BraveNewTalent does provide a great way of support for finding the right candidate for the employers too. The upcoming features do look exciting. So even though it is nowhere to LinkedIn in terms of numbers, I find it an exciting product to capture the vacuum in the professional network space.

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