Brands bank on Rajinikanth’s popularity with clever #Kabali visuals

Rajinikanth's Kabali is the magic touch every marketer wants, here's a curated list of creative brand visuals and gifs banking on his popularity while blending in brand persona

Legend has it that India’s most popular actor Rajinikanth shot at a sea once, since then we know it as the ‘Dead Sea’. He remembers the future, can answer a missed call, can stop a bullet with his bare hands, can understand women and best of all, only he can make his wife admit her mistakes!

It’s been just a week after the release of Rajinikanth’s Kabali and trade analysts are already predicting box office collections to go over 600 crores. So much is his charisma that when Kabali’s trailer was launched on YouTube, it clocked a million views within an hour. It now holds the record of being the Most Liked and Most Viewed Indian movie teaser by garnering 1 million views and 100K likes in 2 hours.

The Kollywood superstar, fondly known as Thalaivar, is a very humble down-to-earth man but his larger-than-life screen persona, is a force to reckon with. He has sparked an entire generation’s imagination to come up  with the most innovative Rajini jokes. The world wide web is literally entangled in his fingers!

Playing an aged gangster trying to protect his family and business from his enemies, Rajinikanth as Kabali was exactly the movie his fans were waiting for. The Friday release on July 22 was called #KabaliDay even as the hashtag #Kabali became the talk of the town. How could brands afford to stay away from this internet phenomenon, this sureshot eyeball magnet called #Kabali.

Campaigns, visuals, gifs and videos became the order of the day in their content strategy plan. Here is a curated list of the best visuals and gifs in which brands have leveraged his popularity while blending in their own brand persona.

Cafe Coffee Day

Coffee wakes you up, but who wakes up coffee. Now you know, courtesy CCD.

Vodafone Zoozoos

A super zoozoo mimicks Rajini in this super gif.


Kabali release day was declared a holiday in quite a few companies, reportedly. The budget hotels chain found a cool connect.


The ecommerce major cracks a Rajini joke and it’s adorable.


The food startup talks of disruption, its wrap makes a Rajini entry.


The King of Good times has an interesting gif for Rajini fans.


The dating app resorts to Rajini jokes on dating and relationships.

Godrej Aer

The maker of room fresheners and car perfumes comes up with this brilliant Rajini graphic face.


Who can make onions cry, tomatoes blush and butter fry?! Amul shows you who.


The fashion e-tailer lets you in on the secret to increasing your swag by 2000%!

Amazon India

The e-tailer has more in store: The Kabali Store featuring movie merchandise like Kabali figurines, posters, mobile cases and audio CDs.


The music streaming app captures the many characters made immortal by Rajinikanth.

Visual content marketing has truly come of age. Have you come across brands engaging smartly around #Kabali fever, do share them with us.