Brands Are Joining In The Pursuit Of Pokemon, Amazon Avoids A #PrimeDayFail On Social Media

Global digital news - As people take the streets in pursuit of Pikachu and Charmander, brands haven’t been too far behind, Prime Day was a hit on social media for Facebook, and more

Behind CNN’s expanding footprint: ‘Content and distribution aren’t separate’CNN isn’t a laggard on the social news front. It aggressively posts its journalism to social media platforms, firmly believing it needs to meet readers where they are. It regularly ranks high among news outlets in terms of engagement on Facebook. And with its huge global footprint, it’s sought after by the platforms to pilot new initiatives and features like Snapchat with Discover and Apple with Apple News.

What you need to know about messaging app Line in 6 charts: Line, Japan’s popular messaging app, is making its stock market debut today. Much has already been made about how this is the biggest initial public offering from a technology company this year — Line raised around $1 billion and is valued at up to $6 billion — which only serves to underscore a general excitement around messaging apps. Here’s what you need to know about the messaging app in six charts.

Compare The Market with Macaulay Culkin: is promoting its Orange Wednesday replacement, Meerkat Movies, with Aleksandr and Sergei’s Family Road Trip, a new TV advert starring film star Macaulay Culkin. Meerkat CEO Aleksandr and IT director Sergei hit the road in a camper van, picking up 35 year old Macaulay Culkin on the way to the fairground.

Amazon avoids a #PrimeDayFail on social media this year: That smile on the Amazon logo is especially appropriate today. In addition to a 60-percent increase in sales over last year, Prime Day was a hit on social media, too. Two sentiment tracking services agree that social activity around Prime Day was far more positive than negative this year.

Denny’s fluffs up digital to sell its new pancakes: The breakfast wars just got a whole lot fluffier. Fifty percent fluffier, to be exact. Denny’s is rolling out 50 percent fluffier pancakes across its over 1,700 locations this week, and announcing the move — made with a nod to the growing demand for fresher ingredients — through partnerships with YouTube, Snapchat and other digital channels in its biggest campaign to date.

Pokemon Go: Brand winners and losers: With Pokémon fever from the ‘90s gripping everyone once again, Nintendo is clearly the biggest winner of the launch of the mobile app game Pokémon Go. But as people take the streets in pursuit of Pikachu and Charmander, brands haven’t been too far behind either. Everyone from the Seattle Seahawks to Benefit Cosmetics are out in full force, hoping to take advantage of all the Pokémon hoopla with tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos.

Google acquires content-sharing startup Kifi to help boost Google Spaces: Google’s foray into social networks hasn’t been the most successful of its venture (let’s be honest, how many of us actively utilize our Google+ accounts?), but with the tech giant’s latest acquisition, the firm may be looking to shake things up. Google has bought Kifi, a content-sharing startup that built extensions to “collect, organize, and share” links found in various social apps.

Instagram Is Inspiring Marketers to Make Square-Shaped Videos for Facebook: Last week, Wendy’s and agency VML launched a campaign spoofing the explosion of food videos that have popped up in Facebook newsfeeds in the past year. Like the popular videos created by the likes of BuzzFeed’s Tasty, Tastemade and others, the video was shot and uploaded in the shape of a square that fills the full space of a newsfeed when viewed on a mobile device, where the bulk of Facebook content is viewed.

Don’t call it a “geofence.” UberMedia introduces the “Optimal GeoSpace”: UberMedia has launched what it calls the “Optimal GeoSpace,” a dynamic targeting zone that changes by location, time of day and retail category. The company says it developed the approach to fight against the blunt, “one size fits all” approach of conventional geofences.