Brand Analyst And Visual Communicator Required At Brandlogist [Job]

by Prasant Naidu on September 1, 2021

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About Brandlogist: A brand-marketing consultancy specializing in digital media, while focussing on integrating across other touchpoints. We are boutique consultancy working with 3 to 7 clients at a time - focus is on adding value & preparing brands for the digital future.We started in December last year & our clients include Aamby Valley City, Chi Kitchen, Bagit Today, Zee TV, RC Cola & Sahara Star.

Founding team: As a team, we are an eclectic bunch including people from the digital, branding, luxury & mainline advertising fields. Our CEO was previously heading digital operations for Ogilvy Delhi & before that he was the branch head for Drizzlin Media, Delhi.

Our kind of work: Varied but, this will you an idea:

Spreading Chi -
Aamby Valley City -

Our kind of person for Brand Analyst:

  • Gift for words : Someone who has a gift for words-an ability to put things in an interesting,fun,creative way which helps create an impact for brands.We are not looking at someone who’s necessarily published writer material but who’s grammar & command over the language is strong.
  • Branding & Understands Digital : Understands Branding,consumer behavior  & is keen to explore how in this new digital age one can deliver marketing solutions which create an impact.
  • Experience level : 0-3 yr  (it’s more about what you bring to the table than experience)
  • Responsible,comfortable in a startup : We are extremely individual driven & would want somebody who has a capacity to take responsibility & comfortable working in an interesting,fun startup.
  • Creative & Disgruntled : Creatively inclined who is logical enough to understand a client’s brief. Someone who’s disgruntled,we prefer people who are not happy with status quo.

Please Apply On:

Our kind of person for Visual Communicator:

1) An art designer: Experience with Photoshop & corel draw.Would prefer someone who is versatile & can work across multiple mediums

2) From a video editing perspective: With sound knowledge of  Adobe products or Final Cut. Strong skills with an eye for cropping & consistency, production of high quality videos free of distortion.

3) Personality type: Creatively inclined with who is logical enough to understand a client’s brief.Disgruntled, we prefer people who are not happy with status quo.

And we would love if:

  • Experience with illustrator or flash
  • HTML esp HTML5 and other Web experience though not necessary would be an added advantage

Interested candidates can just mail us their portfolios (attachment or link) on [email protected] with the following details:

  • Their expertise level in both art & video editing
  • Their current organization & current take home salary

Details about work environment:

  • Flexible location: We believe in telecommuting so you dont need to come to office daily. Work from home, a coffee shop or in the middle of a park for all we care. As long as you are having fun, productive & remember our faces when we catchup.
  • Flexible timing: If you are expected to work on a Sunday, can’t you hang out with your friends on a Wedneday afternoon? We believe you can & you should. Idea is to work together & figure out when & how we work best.
  • Young & Growing fast: Our avg age is 25 yrs, our company’s age is 8 months but, yet we are growing fast. You should be able to keep speed with it.
  • Growth: Life is too short to have reviews every year, it’s a 6 monthly review & incentives on every win.
  • No creative,servicing,planning,social media etc : Sorry,we don’t believe in divisions or bracketing people.We are based on a communication consultancy model , where we understand where your skillsets lie & see if that fit’s in what we are looking at.
  • And a visual depiction of Life @Brandlogist:

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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