Why Bournvita’s New ‘Tayyari Har Exam Ki’ Ad Is Going To Be Loved By Students

A meaningful, memorable ad from a malt drink brand, for once, there is a strong message for parents weaved seamlessly within a creative product sell

Bournvita is easily the most recognizable and trusted of malt food brands in the country. Never a day passed by without a glass of bournvita milk in my growing up years. Bournvita ads always showed happy mothers besides happier kids and their empty milk glasses. But, advertising has changed a lot in the past few years.

In the early years the malt brand began to highlight how even a glass of milk is useless without Bournvita, because our body needs Vitamin D to absorb the calcium in milk, and since most kids are spending more time indoors, there’s no sunlight, hence no Vitamin D. It’s Bournvita that comes to their rescue with its addition of vitamins and minerals. This one went into a little controversy when a major milk brand complained about its misleading information about the benefits of milk.

Year 2011, Cadbury’s Bournvita took a turn in its advertising with the launch of ‘Tayyari Jeet Ki’ – a campaign that did not talk just about what the product is, but about how it can prepare a child to win at life. The idea was about inculcating good habits in children as a preparation to win in life. The campaign has been churning out ads featuring super ambitious mothers helping their child prepare to win.

In 2013, a TVC ‘Aadatein’ featured a mother and son racing together, to instil a habit of winning in him. The inspiring ad won accolades on social media. Another one released the same year is about a boxer kid with a brilliant twist at the end. By this time, product benefits took the backstage. There was no more talk of calcium, vitamin D or milk.

By default having ‘bournvita’ became a good habit to ‘win’ at life. Last year it was the 90-second ‘Swimmer’ ad that became the talk of the town. A boy with an injured leg is encouraged by his mother to continue at his swimming.

This year, with exam season in the country, Bournvita launched another winner of an ad that’s going to be loved by children – Tayyari Har Exam Ki.

The ad is set in a school with a lady principal addressing parents before the exams. She says exams are going to be a lot of fun, but parents don’t think so. She then asks them what marks did they score in standard ninth, and none of them remembered. The principal then confesses that she had scored only 59%, yet she is now the principal of their child’s school.

She then starts with the core message of the film: nobody remembers their score, because it’s just a number. In conclusion, she tells them to focus on their child’s learning and not their marks.

The ad talks about the new product ‘Bournvita Badam Booster’ that has been created with a similar insight. Conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather again, this one is receiving positive reactions on social media.

The world is getting increasingly competitive for children. Grades have trumped self-confidence at new admissions. Grades are everything almost all parents care about of their school going kids, so much so, that if a child scored poorly in their exams, he/she is sure to receive a severe thrashing at home. It was always your school grades that decided who became the teacher’s pet and who became the back bencher. Bournvita’s Tayyari Har Exam Ki ad takes on this very myth in our society.

By busting the truth about grades, by telling parents to prepare their children for life, the brand has taken a larger stand than the regular ‘Tayyari keet ki’ ads that focused on some kind of sport. Here, it attacks the exam nexus created by the system, fueled by money-making strategies and sadly, encouraged by parents. This is a meaningful, memorable ad from a malt drink brand. For once, there is a strong message for parents weaved seamlessly within a creative product sell.