BookMyShow’s Twitter Secret Revealed In 140

by Vinaya Naidu on October 14, 2021

in Interviews

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OK, it’s the time for our Friday evening Twitter interviews with a Friday feeling around it – not too heavy, jargon-loaded but just some short, simple stuff. We had been eyeing BookMyShow Twitter handle, @bookmyshow since some time now and were pleased with the brand’s Twitter practices. So we’ve got in touch with Ashish Hemrajani, Founder and CEO of . Here’s the neat and crisp Q and A we had with Ashish:


Ashish Hemrajani

1. Why is BookMyShow using Twitter?

We dole the dope (the latest happenings, films, contests, reviews) and scoop the poop (customer grievances, website errors).

2. What does BookMyShow tweet about?

Our regular tweets are all about the latest trailers, celebrity gossip, movie reviews and usually the most happening news.

3. Whom do you Follow on Twitter?

Our regular ‘following’ list consists of celebrities, production houses, a couple of news channels, and a few technical writers.

4. Your favorite Twitter App and Why?

Tweetdeck. What we like: Schedule tweets, RT, check our DM, shorten long tweets, attach photos, see what’s hot and a multiple column format.

5. Does your Klout score bother you? If not then why?

Our rank of ‘Specialist’ pretty much explains all that we do. We aim to please our followers rather than use it as a fame-gathering tool.

6. Scared of #Fail? If not, how do you handle it?

We actually look out for #fail to address consumer grievances, or website errors that are rare, but hey who’s perfect?

7. Finally, 140 characters of advice for Indian Startups/SME’s.

Know when to say what to whom and how. Be original and hit the retweet button more often if you can’t.


Our personal favourites have to be the answers to Q6 and Q7. How many brands do you know of, that are actually looking out for #Fail’s? Although Twitter provides an excellent source to find out about what folks are saying about you, brands hardly use this service and even if they do, they steer clear from addressing the issue! In addition to tweeting original content and sharing in your community, it is also important to know the art of communication ie. To know when to say what to whom and how, especially when talking to an irate customer.

Thanks for these wonderful answers !

Do share your favourite answers in this interview? We would be glad to interview many more happening SME’s using Twitter rightly, so do let us know in case you know of any.

Vinaya Naidu

Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. A student of life, art and building relationships. Love to read just about anything and strongly believe that books make a beautiful world.

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  • Prajyot Mainkar

    I remember booking show tickets when i was in pune :-) BMS helped me a lot. Thank you to BHS and LHI for covering story of a wonderful portal :-)  

    • Prasant Naidu

      Yes @bookmyshow:twitter is doing some amazing work on Twitter and hence has a quite a lovely community.By the way i think you are in love with pune ;)

  • Amit

    BMS is by far the best tool to book your ticket, intuitive design and an ease to use flow…I love it…and I too like the # 6 where you say you like #Fail…and in fact you should…this is like listening to your customers when they are calling your customer care…the mail reason why customer would call you is that you are not living up to their ‘Mental’ model of your product…so if you can understand what they are talking about this will help you more than just sitting on your laurels…

    • Prasant Naidu

      Amit #fail i think hurts you lot but it is also the best way to know where you are going wrong. it takes lot of courage to accept it and work on :) however in a service industry it is tough ask. On another note i have seen we are very eager to put a #fail for a small reason. for eg if twitter is down #fail. guys there has to be genuine reason why it has gone down. have we ever gone and said #awesome when we got something nice on twitter :) i guess we need to be more rational and brands shouldn’t take customers for granted. 
      Thanks for stopping by buddy :)

      • Amit

        Bingo, and that is very reason why I was so supportive of saying in using #fail as a mechanism to understand your customers…but as a user, and this is I guess with you and me all of us, how many times we have used as you said #Awesome, since as a user my mental setup is to use the product, and feel like aannn…well…good job, but I would find it hard to spend time and appreciating it… on a social…but yes the moment you find it well what the heck why isn’t this is working, I am spending time, money on it, let me complain about this, and now you are right I guess people are far more easy to pinpoint the #fails since it is easier for them to connect, and you are absolutely right that we need to be more rational while saying something about a brand, after all if not smart but it is still a hard work by many people behind it… Cheers…Thank You! #Awesome :)

        • Prasant Naidu

          amit liked your thoughts. I am also blunt but i have learnt one thing that we all make mistakes. and first try to appreciate things what one is doing rather than just say #fail. am i sounding too preachy :D well LHI has taught me this :d by the way love your #awesome comments :) good to talk to you bro :)

        • Vinaya Gopal

          #AWESOME it is then!

          on another note, it is still a long way to go when #awesome vs. #fail would no longer be necessary when companies ‘realise’ that products will fail and customers will complain and that it is necessary to dedicate the same amount of time to after-sales as much as before sales. Customers will automatically change their attitude :)

          Thanks Amit and Prasant for this #Awesome idea…we should implement it in our psche right away!!

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