Book Readers Lounge Engages With Fans On Facebook

Book Readers Lounge Engages With Fans On Facebook

Book Readers Lounge

Books have been my companions from a very early age. So today I am reviewing the social media presence of Book Readers Lounge (BRL), a community managed by book lovers and it is for all of you who have a relation with reading, writing, blogging, etc. The initiative is in its budding state but has made a good impact on social media too. BRL has a blog that is updated from time to time and it also has an awesome Facebook presence that has motivated me to review it.

Facebook Presence:

With a community close to two thousand fans, it needs to a big applause since I know this initiative is still in very nascent stages.

Cool Things:

1. The Info tab has the required details that a fan will look for.

2. Integrating the blog to the Facebook fan page is really a cool idea.

3. Use of Discussion app has been quite frequent which is a great way to keep fans engaged. However, going further this app won’t be a part of fan page as all engagement will happen on the wall.

4. Use of Questions app has been done and it’s great to see that BRL is creative in inducing fans to enroll in discussions.

5. The wall is having great content aligned with the objective. Fans are appreciating the work of BRL too.

Content Appreciated By Fans


Undoubtedly, BRL is quite focused with its content and that is one of the big reasons why they have an engaged community. However, there are some areas that could be touched upon to make the community grow more.  Few of my tips are shared below:

Cool Tips:

1. Landing page is missing from the Facebook fan page. One can use free apps such as Pagemodo or ShortStack or use Photoshop to create a banner and upload it. Make sure that you also give reasons as in ‘WHY’ a fan should join your fan page and ‘WHAT’ is she going to get being a part of your community. So be creative and make use of the landing pages.

2. Being active on social media helps and Facebook is not an exception. Be real on your fan page and post regular helpful updates. Right now the updates are not frequent so make sure you be active on the page otherwise fans may start losing interest. However don’t go overboard otherwise you would be spamming someone’s personal time line.

3. The content that is shared is helpful and is also being appreciated. However, a variety in content can motivate fans to engage on the wall too. Maybe you can share your amazing stories about the authors while you introduce their work. How about bringing authors on the wall to interact with fans? This will be exciting for fans and I am sure that it will also lead to the growth of your fan base. Finally, your fans are the best critics so keep asking them for their feedback.

4. Appreciating fans is a point that I make always. You can reward the fans who engage continuously on your wall. A thank you note could also do and make sure you show that you respect the presence of fans.

5. Starting contest and rewarding fans is a great idea but make sure that you read Facebook guidelines on this. A smart way is to have a contest on the blog and just share the link on Facebook.  It is also one of the ways by which you attract fans for them to keep coming on your wall which will eventually lead to positive word of mouth.


BRL has a great community and it should think of engaging them more deeply and frequently. However we don’t doubt  BRL’s ability. We wish them good luck and if they carry on their social media initiative incorporating the tips then it will be a community to be watched for.

Do you think in the same way or you want to add some more tips to the list?