Bol Bachchan Launches Angry Devgn On Facebook

A review of Angry Devgn, Facebook game app launched by soon to be released movie, Bol Bachchan

The Indian film industry has been one of the foremost embracers of social media for promoting their movies to the online janta. Initially, web promotions of a movie involved an online presence with a website which ended at that. Online presence, now, in the interactive social media age, is more about getting people to talk about your movie and sometimes even getting them involved in it. Director, Rohit Shetty’s “Bol Bachchan” slated to be released on this Friday has taken a leap in fan engagement. Bol Bachchan has launched the ‘Angry Devgn’ game similar to the very popular Rovio’s Angry Birds, through a Facebook app. And if you are the top scorer, you could win Prithviraj Raghuvanshi’s gada, Prithvi is the screen character of Ajay Devgn in Bol Bachchan.

About Angry Devgn Facebook game app

You don’t fling angry birds at pigs, instead you fling the ‘gada’ from an angry Ajay Devgn to the different characters at each level and crush their heads.

Angry_Devgn_App for Bol Bachchan

Click on Play Now to get started with the game. There’s a little introduction video starring Prithvi and explaining how angry he really is. You can then read through the ‘Instructions’ button to know the play. You score when you crush heads. In level 1, there are 2 heads of Maakhan sheltered by a palace-like structure supported by pillars. You unlock the level after you crush both heads by flinging gadas. You are given 5 gadas in all at each level. Points are based on shots – the best shot is one that crushes all heads in one go. In level 2, you have to crush 4 heads of Ravi and in level 3, it is 6 heads of Abhishek. After crossing a level, you have the option to play again, go to next level or quit to go back to the start.

In keeping with the competitive spirit, ‘High Score’ shows you the top 10 scorers along with their points. The game seems to be a rage going by the number of likes and comments on the Facebook wall and the ever changing names in the ‘high score’ list!

I thoroughly enjoyed playing it though I couldn’t manage to score beyond 19000 points. Besides, I was happy that I could play it without having to ‘like’ the page. The fun part is Ajay’s character shouting ‘atha majha satakli’ every time the gada is flung, though I would have preferred if the app had an option to mute the background music. When you are constantly playing to better your score, the filmy track could actually get to your nerves!

Bollywood’s growing association with social games

Bollywood’s indulgence with social media to promote it’s movies in different ways has grown with time. To engage with their fans, movie producers have tied up with gaming companies and delivered some exciting games on mobile as well as on social media. Bollywood started it’s first association with Jump Games for a mobile game creation to promote the movie Jurm. Later on, we saw Jump Games following the same trend with movies like Bodyguard and 3 Idiots. Though, Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Ra One delivered the first social game to fans on Facebook and later on during Don 2, the movie was launched alongside with a game on Facebook. The film producers tied up with Mango Games to launch the Facebook game, “Don- The Social Mobsters Game” and later on various versions of the game were launched on iOS, Android and PSP devices too. As you can see the trend has been spicing up but with some good interesting games we have also seen games that have been developed for the heck of it and failed to have any connection with the movie. However, its good to see that Angry Devgn’ Facebook game is not falling in the same category and will surely keep fans busy  flinging gadas.

I am sure you would love to break some heads, so don’t forget to share your score here.