BMW X1 Explores The Creative Side Of Its Facebook Fans

About the BMW X1 art xpressions contest on Facebook where the winner gets a 3 days/2 nights stay at Munich, Germany including a chance to visit the BMW Museum and plant.


The BMW X1 art xpressions contest is back on Facebook and this time the winner gets a 3 days/2 nights stay at Munich, Germany including a chance to visit the BMW Museum and plant.

In view of the extremely competitive Indian SUV market, BMW has been promoting each of its models quite aggressively this year.  A few months back, we had the Ultimat3 Facebook contest where the winner won an invite to the launch event. And now the new BMW X1, which is the latest entrant to the BMW family in India and also the lowest priced BMW for India yet (as per Car Dekho), is engaging with fans through a fun contest titled ‘BMW X1 art xpressions‘.

Fans have to design the BMW X1 in their own unique way using a combination of colors, shapes, graffiti and elements provided in the Facebook app, then share it with their friends and beg for votes. The winner with the highest votes and the panel choice, wins a vacation of a lifetime - 3 days/2 nights at Munich with a visit to the BMW Museum and plant!

About BMW X1 art xpressions Facebook app

You need to be a fan of the BMW India page to be able to design your own unique BMW. Like the page and click the ‘Start now’ to begin with some fun and do not expect anything like you have seen before in a Facebook app.

The app welcomes you with a neat layout that resembles an assembly line  design unit with 7 steps to create your stunning design under the ‘Create’ tab. In step 1, you can choose an angle and step 2 is for choosing a color. Select a color of your own or from the given choice of the X1. In step 3, you can add elements from under categories like dots, splotches, patter lines and symbols. In step 4, you can spray paint. Select a color and size for the aerosol can and create some graffiti.

In step 5, you can add your own text of max 20 characters. There is a choice of fonts, size and color to make your text interesting. In step 6, you add an image of max 300 kb. There are adjustment scales for size, brightness and saturation. Finally comes the 7th step and the last one too, where you fill in your personal details and submit. Your own BMW is ready but it will be displayed in the gallery only upon approval.

The app then displays a message informing you about what to expect after this. Also, there is an option to invite friends, visit the gallery or create another design.

In addition to the ‘Create’ tab, there are two more tabs - My X1 art expression and Gallery. My X1 art expression displays all the BMW’s designed by you, while Gallery is a visual array of all the designs submitted by others, which you can vote for or send as a message  The entries can be sorted by latest or most liked or you can also search by a name.

How good is it?

The app is brilliant! No two ways about it but then again a luxury brand indulging in contests at regular intervals has slightly diluted the ‘luxury’ for me. Ever since the launch of ULTIMAT3, the Facebook page is crowded with contests and the Art Xpressions is being run a second time. This is a fun way to introduce the BMW X1 series although the actual buyers might not be really too keen about this contest.

As for me, though I am not the target group now, the brand has managed to build the required little mindshare in me so that when I’m more successful and looking for a luxury car, I could give the BMW a try.  Also I noticed, as with most Facebook brand pages in India, the BMW India Facebook page too, has a major chunk from the 18-24  years category. And these would need to be nurtured by the brand and readied for the future. At least, that seems to be the long term approach adopted by luxury brands on Facebook.

I liked the concept of letting fans design their own cars as well as the design of the app. It scores full marks in layout and execution too. Besides, it was informative, bug-free and provided for a smooth user experience. But the noteworthy aspect of this contest is the prize. Three days and two nights at Munich with an exclusive visit to the BMW Museum, BMW World and BMW Plant, is a dream come true for a fan. The campaign scores just on this.

However, the app could have improved upon two aspects: a) provide a link to details about the car, and b) provide a link to book it online, when you are anyways taking personal data. Perhaps, the makers of this campaign and the brand folks can enlighten us on the number of bookings  that have been placed after this contest or why that has not been factored.

I would love to visit the BMW museum as well as the plant, so this contest works for me, what about you?