Here’s Why The B’lue ‘Tilt’ You Facebook Photo Contest Does Not Excite Us

A look at B'lue Tilt you Facebook campaign where fans have to share photos of their 'down' moments and get votes from their Facebook friends.


Launches, announcements and premieres are all taking the social media route this year. B’lue, the new drink fortified with vitamins and minerals from Danone Narang Beverages, a joint venture between Danone and Narang Group, has now launched across the nation. In a bid to target the youth, B’lue has launched a month long campaign on Facebook, featuring the new face of the brand – actor and comedian Vir Das. The B’lue ‘Tilt’ you Facebook contest is a simple photo contest asking fans to share their ‘down’ moments. The grand prize is an iPad Mini!

I’d been bombarded with B’lue Facebook ads since a long time, which is how the campaign caught my eyes. On the face of it, it looks exciting but it is just another plain, simple campaign that hopes to create an association with B’lue as a solution to the demands of a fast-paced life.

B’lue ‘Tilt’ you Facebook contest

After that tongue twister of a name ‘B’lue tilt you’, you enter the contest hosted on a  Facebook app. ‘Like’ the page to be able to participate. Vir Das looks quite contemplative with that bottle of B’lue in his hand, doesn’t he? I was expecting him to be all energised and cheered up. Anyways, the app has four sections on the top menu with the Terms & Conditions at the bottom. Go through the T&Cs but it needs more clarity.

‘How to participate’ tells you the steps. You can share a photo of yourself feeling down or write about your ‘down’ moments and get votes from your friends. ‘Participate now’ throws up an entry form where you need to fill personal details like name, email, phone and address along with the provision to upload an image and describe your down moment in 20 characters.


‘Voter’s Gallery’ as the name suggests displays an array of photo submissions. There is a vote button beside each entry but it does not seem to be working. Clicking it produced no change in the vote counter. ‘Experience the all new B’lue” talks about the drink and shares a link to the website. Interestingly in this section,Vir Das looks energised drinking a B’lue!

Could it be better?

Sure it could! For an energising drink with a tagline like ‘At your best hamesha’, the campaign has missed out on leveraging this, especially in a Facebook campaign targeting the youth. ‘At your best hamesha’ could have lent itself beautifully to bring a much focussed, creative and exciting campaign. Vir Das has been wasted for his acting and comic abilities to come across as a  brooding young man, despite a bottle of B’lue in his hand!

Besides, being a ‘Like’ app will help grow the community but collecting personal details from a fan is not necessary at participation phase. Phone number and address can be taken from the winner later too. The design is neat but execution needs some polishing:

Terms & Conditions does not state the use of Facebook votes, whereas ‘How to participate’ on the app states that the winner is the one with maximum number of votes at the end of the contest. Will the entries be shortlisted based on votes and then make it to the final round which is based on jury selection or votes do not count at all? There is a disparity in the selection procedure.

The app has no ‘Share’ or ‘Invite friends’ button, which is surprising for a contest that seeks to maximise visibility through Facebook votes. Moreover, the name and email could have been pulled up by the app. The other glaring problem is the user submissions – most of them are happily posing away barring a few who look seriously down in life. Also, many images are of landscapes, interiors or cityscapes. This could have been easily avoided if the entries are moderated and disqualified for wrongful submission.

The only thing I liked is the iPad Mini as the grand prize. What are your thoughts on B’lue tilt you?