Blogathon Receives A Welcome Response From Bloggers

Blogathon the two day workshop in Mumbai saw a great response from Bloggers. Here is what happened on day two and a video on why bloggers blog


Young minds have no barriers and knowledge needs that to flow freely. Blogathon, the blogging workshop that was held over the weekend on 2nd and 3rd March, 2013 witnessed a free-flow of knowledge. Organized at a very cool place – ‘The Playce’ in Mumbai which breathes startups – the workshop was oozing with energy on the second day.

Blogathon Mumbai workshop

Despite it being a Sunday, the workshop carried on with participants trying out different things on day two. Day one saw more of gyaan sessions where speakers like Denzil Lewis, Utkarsh Agarwal, Tanveer Malhotra, and more, had shared their thoughts on topics ranging from content to cyber laws.

Speaking to Niranjan Yadav, one of the core members for the Blogathon event, I was updated about the participants cause for enthusiasm:

“Most of the participants are straight from colleges so blogging and WordPress are really new topics for them. It has been great fun in running through the basics of WordPress themes, plugins, etc.“

I couldn’t be part of day one and hence missed out on the fun, along with the soulful performance by The Bare Feet project.

Day two was more about practicals and since the morning most of the participants had been launching their new blogs on WordPress under the guidance of Denzil, Utkarsh, Rahul, and others. The day moved on and after an hour’s lunch break, the workshop had few more gyaan sessions.

The first session was by Siddharth Bhansali who shared his thoughts about “Custom Posts on WordPress.” Interesting session where Siddharth gave a quick hands-on the plugin that he had developed for the participants.

His session was followed by mine where I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on – “Does your social media suck?” Initially, I was told to give tips on social media strategies for bloggers but I felt highlighting the common mistakes would make learning easy for the participants.

The last two sessions for the day were from Anand Sukumaran and Rohit Langde. Anand, who had traveled from Chennai for this event, shared an exclusive preview of the MediaG plugin. The plugin provides a feature to search for images available on the Internet straight from the post dialog box. And, finally the day ended with an exciting presentation from Rohit on “How to make money from your blog.” – a topic that everyone was looking forward to!

Interestingly, both the days had a full house. Blogathon plans to organize such events more often and in different cities. So if you are  interested, you can follow the Facebook page to keep yourself updated.

I had my share of fun at Blogathon too. I shot an interesting video with the participants where the idea was to know what people felt about blogging, what drives them to it and how social media is helping them. Do have a look:

If you share a similar passion for blogging like we do, then do drop in your thoughts in the comments.