Blogathon – India’s First Official Blogging Hackathon

Blogathon - India’s First Official Blogging Hackathon is a two day workshop happening at The Playce,Mumbai


Blogging as a leisure activity is cool but when it is taken as a profession then it is a challenge. I have realized this in the last two years. Planning and generating content is not the only challenge, marketing it, developing a technical understanding on how SEO or platforms work, etc. is quite essential too. I learnt these the hard way but if you are planning to start a career in blogging or plan to enhance your skills then Blogathon is a two-day workshop that you should be present at.


Blogathon is happening on the 2nd and 3rd March, 2013 at The Playce in Mumbai. The event will be bringing a talented pool of young bloggers and entrepreneurs along with some esteemed speakers such as Denzil Lewis, Rohit Langde, Utkarsh Agarwal, etc. The workshop has been designed not only to give theoretical knowledge but also to impart practical sessions.

The topics that are broadly going to be covered are as follows:

  1. Imparting knowledge and CSS hacks to the fresh bloggers.
  2. Knowledge about the right plugins and how to use them effectively.
  3. Help in building awesome blogs on top of WordPress.
  4. Focus on backend processes, hosting solutions, etc.
  5. In depth analysis of real time working on the Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.
  6. Finally guidance on how to monetize from your blog.

So, if you wish to gain some knowledge on blogging or share some of your experiences then this is one place that you should aim to be. For further details and registration on the workshop, you can check out the cool website of Blogathon. Additionally, you can get in touch with Niranjan Yadav.

Disclosure: LI is the media partner for Blogathon and I am one of the speakers.

Slider Image Courtesy: Inc42