Action Starts Here, BlackBerry India’s Social Media Campaign

Blackberry India launched a 360 degree marketing campaign "Action Starts Here" in the month of August. It also did a social media campaign and we try to find out how effectively it was done on various platforms.


Blackberry India launched a 360 degree marketing campaign named “Action Starts Here” in the month of August. It also did an extensive campaign on social media and we try to find out how effectively it was done on various platforms.

Blackberry, that was once widely referred as “Crackberry” due to the addictiveness of the device is dying a slow death. In June, 2012 CNN termed it “depressing”, when the wireless handheld device reported that it is laying off 5000 people after the company announced a first-quarter loss of $518 million. This comes at the time when the brand has been struggling after brands like iPhone and Android came into action and swamped the market shares. Since then Blackberry has been submerged either in technical issues or political controversies.

Pundits have written it off but the brand is not yet ready to leave the forte. However, the brand seems not to be in any mood to bow down soon so it has launched an actionable 360 degree campaign first in Thailand and later followed it in other Asian countries including India.

The essence of the campaign was to find out what does Blackberry stand for and the answer was “Action” and the action starts right away from Blackberry. Hence, the campaign focused on “Action has a symbol” and the brand line was “Action starts here”.

Along with other channels, the brand made sure that the campaign was not to be missed out on the social front too.

“Action Starts Here” on Social Media

The TVC that touched upon the social aspect of a human life and the actions that we take to give meaning to our life was synced on social media too. The brand that has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube made sure that the action campaign is felt everywhere keeping in mind the kind of network and fans.

The Facebook community of Blackberry India which is more than 1.3 million, witnessed the “Action Campaign” with an interesting contest followed by some engaging content. The brand designed a Facebook contest where it asked fans if there was something that they would like to change about their world, then what would it be.

A comprehensive app was designed for the campaign. Fans had to take a pledge, turn the pledge into action(s) and share it among friends get votes from them. The whole initiative also gave a chance to win a Blackberry device. The contest at the moment is closed but the app is still open to have a look at the pledges taken by fans. More than 17K pledges were taken, 519 actions were completed by 151 people. Not bad numbers for a campaign that connected fans online, took them offline to get them complete the actions and rewarded them.

In terms of fan growth, the brand added 154,241 fans and had a 12.8% higher growth rate than the average “Mobiles and Handhelds Facebook page” according to Unmetric. The below snap shot gives you a quick look, as you can see the “Number Talking About” went up in September and over a period of time it has also gone down since the contest on Facebook is now over.


YouTube ran the same campaign by running a YouTube banner ad recently. The ad that focuses on “Action now has a symbol” had two interactive sections – Video  and Gallery. “Video” was the TVC that was launched earlier and “Gallery” highlights stories from people who have taken actions to make this world better.

Blackberry India_Youtube_ad

On click of the ad, you are directed to a website that was also running the same contest as on Facebook.  Apparently the contest is over but you can find out about the family of Blackberry devices and their specifications.

How cool is the campaign on social media?

Definitely, the campaign is well thought and executed. But the one thing that stood out for me was the clarity of running the same campaign offline as well as online. In our previous reviews, we had instances where brands had failed to bring the same offline experience of a campaign to the online one. Or completely ran a campaign that has no clue. In that respect, the Blackberry India has matched it’s “Action starts here” campaign on offline and online as well and kept the same message throughout.

The other highlight of the campaign was that the brand tried making an online-offline connect. It was not a rushed out campaign but a well thought of one. The brand not only made sure that people take the pledges but also get out in the real world and work on those pledges to make them into actions. I think that was also one of the highlights of the campaign.

According to Unmetric, the below video was the most viral content when it was shared on Facebook in the last three months. However, it remains to be seen whether all these marketing efforts help to revive the brands fortune in the market. Social media can only help a brand when it has a good product.

Nevertheless, with the BlackBerry10 launching early next year, the brand still has hopes to bounce back but till then we can get inspired from this young lady who is a teacher and is following her passion to teach and change lives of the underprivileged kids.