BJP’s New Social Media Strategy – Focus Only On Narendra Modi

Change in Bharatiya Janata Party’s social media strategy, prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will be the sole face of the party on social media

narendra modi facebook

narendra modi facebook

With the Lok Sabha 2014 elections coming closer, political parties are working aggressively on their marketing budgets and strategies. Social media marketing has already become a big focus area. Recently, we were told that the Indian National Congress party is spending around 500 crore for an image makeover for its VP Rahul Gandhi. While on the other side, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has decided that the party’s social media activities will only focus on its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

The change in strategy has come into place after a series of meetings that have happened in the capital over last few days. It is being learnt that the party has shared this message to its Centre and Delhi unit communication cells to simply focus on promoting their PM candidate.

For example earlier during the Delhi state elections last year the strategy was that the Delhi unit of the Samvaad cell will assist every candidate to upgrade their social media skills so that they could interact with voters. But from now on the cell will only post about Modi’s speeches, his vision and comments on various issues. This will also constitute responding and re-tweeting Modi’s stand on various policies and issues of national importance. This underline change in the social media strategy was shared by Khemchand Sharma, social media in-charge, Delhi BJP. Around 400 coordinators and over 1,000 volunteers are helping the party to re-shape its social media strategy.

Additionally, BJP has also instructed that it won’t involve in online mud-slinging against one of its arch rival in 2014 – The Aam Aadmi Party. Instead the party will maintain a databank of the promises made by the AAP and whether they are being fulfilled. The idea would be making the citizens aware of the truth with facts.

The change in social media strategy reflects the sudden emergence of a political party like AAP - a party known for its organic growth on social media. Nevertheless, the change in strategy from BJP is a smart one considering the changing times before the Lok Sabha elections. In 2013 the fight was being seen between two parties but now it is among three parties – AAP, BJP and Congress.

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