BJP MLA Madhuri Misal Joins As A Guest Speaker For #SMDayPune

BJP MLA Madhuri Misal Joins As A Guest Speaker At #SMDayPune where she would speak about her experience with social media.

Madhuri Misal BJP Pune

Today is the 30th of June, more popularly celebrated as Social Media Day globally. Lighthouse Insights is celebrating the spirit of the medium here in Pune with #SMDayPune at Jimmy Hu restaurant in Koregoan Park from 7PM on wards. To make the event a memorable one, Madhuri Satish Misal, Member Of Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Parvati Assembly Constituency, Pune has decided to join #SMDayPune as a guest speaker.

Madhuri Misal, who has joined social media recently, is looking to expand her reach on the medium. The idea is to inform about the work the government is doing and have a medium to be reachable to citizens. She would be sharing her thoughts on social media and how she is using it to reach out effectively to the common man.

The event has become one of the desirable events in Pune to be watched out today. Sanjay Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police, Pune has also agreed to take time out of his busy schedule and accepted our invitation to be a part of the celebrations.

Sanjay will take this opportunity to share his thoughts on social media, how Pune Police is making itself competent on the medium and how social media believers can support the efforts of the Pune Police through social media. #SMDayPune will give all of us an opportunity to have a direct conversation with the city’s Joint Commissioner of Police.

Aren’t these two big reasons to be a part of #SMDayPune and celebrate the spirit of social media? Still not convinced then have a look at other excitements that we have lined up for today.

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